Sunday, October 31, 2004

The Collateral

Last night I saw "The Collateral"(Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx). Fascinating movie. It's staged(is that the right word?) in L.A., and focuses on what seems to be another ordinary night shift of a cabbie with great dreams. Most of the movie is shot inside the cab, focussing on conversations and emotions of cabbie Max(Foxx) and his passenger(Cruise).
After dropping off a passenger to her office in west L.A., Max picks up who he's quite sure is a visitor to L.A., who is thouroughly unsatisfied being there. Vincent(Cruise) is running on a tight schedule to "meet some friends", and offers to hire Max after he proves he's more than the average cabbie - getting Vincent to his destination in exactly the time stated by him. Lured by the money - which is about twice what he earns in his night shift - Max takes Vincent to his "friends" house, where, parked in the alley, he recieves a nasty shock. As he munches his wrap, a body crashes on to the top of his taxi, and seconds later an unperturbed Vincent walks back to the cab. Now thoroughly shaken on realising his passenger is a professional hit-man, Max tries to escape, or to get Vincent caught in what is an action packed thriller.
Top-edge graphics render a real feel to the movie, and the shootout between the FBI,LAPD,and two rival gangs in the midst of a crowded night club is about the best scene from any movie since the Matrix. Jamie Foxx takes his charecter to a whole new level, making one believe the entire scnario from beginning to end. Another convincing performance from Tom Cruise, who commands with his physical prescence on the sets and brilliant facial expression, matched with the sharp actions makes Vincent come alive in one's imagination. A must see for any die-hard action fan.- 4 stars.


I wonder what a hard time Adam must have had around Eve. She must have constantly been nagging him about something or the other, getting him to do what she wouldn't, and then when God got angry at the Humans for eating the apple of knowledge, Eve(who ate it first, remeber?) must have blamed Adam with some excuse or the other, just as long as she wasn't to blame. So much for prostitution being the first occupation.
Practically every woman I know is just permanently blaming me for something or the other - from why the food is an hour late(after she placed the order) to why someone broke up with their boyfrind/girlfriend to why her mum won't let her into the house. Sheesh - girls, give us a break would you? All we want to do is have someone to talk to, not some Hitlerian era(no matter how much we say we'd adore to live in those times). Now, look at it logically, what did we do sitting in the bus coming back from college that forced you not to have any of your chinese food at school(while I was having a test, by the way)?? Or, for that matter, I'm really sorry about that curse I put on that pothole in Indiranagar that I've never seen that gave your car a puncture.
Jeez, you women should just take a Time Out and see how hard you can make life for the opposite sex. I mean, sure, we ask you to be organised, and get us our food on the same day and all, but hey, when was the last time I blamed you for when I failed my test, or broke my favorite wine glass?? Give us a break, OK?

Friday, October 29, 2004

College is crap - absolute crap.

Its about the most annoying thing on the planet... they are such stingy ^*&#ers.... refuse to give anyone holidays, and then when they do, they overload us with work(not that i did any mind you, its just that at the back of your head you know you'll have to face the music sooner or later...). Everyone goes on and on about how much they enjoy their colleges and how its such an eye opening experience, and that school could never be like this... I object.
Deeksha is worse than any school that I've EVER been to. They have no sense of what a doable amount of work is, a students concentration time period, or how long they should run. We start at 800 in the morning, have 1 and a Half hour classes, and practically no break what-so-ever. They give us 10 minutes for a snack break and then about 20 minutes for lunch.
The strange thing is that they will haul - yes, HAUL - us back in EXACTLY on time, but they will take 5 to 10 minutes extra of each class... which means absolutely no time for us to do anything useful...
Does any one have any thoughts on this particular topic? Good or bad - what do experience everyday?

Hello Everyone!!

Hey everyone... I've finally got down to setting up my own blog - main inspiration from my dad... his blog is simply amazing. Erm, I'm not really expecting to get many people to read this, mainly my (ex) classmates from NAFL... so if you've got anything to say, jus contact me...