Monday, July 11, 2005

A Collection of Random Thoughts, Limerick Style

My creative juices won't flow
My originality valve says 'no-go'
But my hand still quivers
It shakes and shivers
To write creatively once more.

I'm looking all around me
For something to inspire or confound me
But all I see
Is mediocrity
And a picture of some old Swami.

I don' know what sense this'll make
But Jesus, gimme a break
Cause all I want
Is to quietly flaunt
My genius and hence earn some cake!

I see a Prancing Horse on the table
To stitch it, I know I am able
But the irony within
Is I support McLaren
So why stitch one from Ferrari's stable??

Dad got me mints a-plenty
I counted - I got more than twenty
So I had my fill
And gobble 'em up till
The boxes were all but empty.

I heard a car driving too fast
And I thought to myself,"Blast!
If only these fools
Could stick to some rules
They'd not die before their time was past.

My mum here has got no mention
So this one demands your attention
As her thoughts overflow
With bread, pastries, and sourdough
Ah, what to make? There's HER tension.

My (bitter)sweet sister, too
Has been forgotten, I'm sure, by you
But I still believe
That you must not grieve
Over a silly mistake or a few.

Where is the tunnels-end light?
Will I come into the night?
I wonder which way
I should now foray
Should I flee or should I fight?

This nonsense to you must be jarring
To the uninitiated, even scarring
So I essay
To stop right away
This limerical poem that was starring:
ME!! My Dad!! My Mum! My Sister!! Mints!!

- Aveek Katiyar 10:05 PM
11 July '05


Anonymous said...

Hey Aveek

Good to c u back again! Great poem, or wat i read of, sorry i cant read it all right now....way to hot to even read!! yes, im a lazy arse! hehe
hws u??

sara x

Aveek said...

Hey Sara!! Long time, eh? Thank you!! I'm fine.. been so bored... been getting up at 1 in the afternoon to fight my boredom... not that that makes any real sense, but what the heck!! WQhat bout you...? hpows you been?


Anonymous said...

to be honest, ther isnt one way to say how ive been....been up and down!!! Lol, u lazy bum, staying in bed till 1 !! hehehe!! Go out and do sumfin useful, that shud fight ur boredom :P
Sara x

Arjun said...

its nice to see you back on the net
though how you got ungrounded ill never get
the web was a safer place without
aveek running amok about
but then again its nice to see your blog
running again without a hitch or a clog
i forbid you to reply to this rhyme
as then the comments to a million would climb
and its obvious i know not what is rythm or meter or rhyme
so ill stop before you begin to whine

Ananya said...

hi aveek! good to see u bac!! been a long time!havent seen yo on my blog l8ly?? lol... ur in india and ur bored!!! my god!!!

Aveek said...

Hey Ananya, Arjun!!

@Arjun: Yeah, we'll just let that one go... hehe...

@Nanz: Yeah, I haven't really been anywhere on the net 'cept places like design sites, etc... been doing some work in that area, and I've been a bit busy... but I will stop by your blog today... hehe...
Also, I've been in India for 17 YEARS, so you gotta forgive me if I'm a bit bored!! ;-)

@Sara: Well, I got up, felt cold, so i went back to bed... I find it very entertainign to dream away into the wee hours... of the AFTERNOON!!!


Meghna said...

Hehe, nice to see ya back! Totally your style! Hope to hear more from you now..!! Keep posting!

Yea, sorry about the late reaction. Eleventh grade STINKS!!

Arjun said...

great stuff dude... way to go!

Anonymous said...

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