Saturday, February 19, 2005

Mystical Potato-Head Groove

This one starts off as a poem written by me. I mailed it to Aasimah, and then we've been at it for a few days, talking only in rhymes. I've put up the subsequent replies to this as a comment, so if you want to read what we have written, or just post a comment of your own, please click the comments link.

Wiggle your ears
Bring out some tears
Shake and make your whole head move!
Grin till you frown
And hang upside-down
Lets do the mystical potato-head groove!

Put on some pop
Take off your top
Dance till your legs give way!
Chew lots of ice
Feed all the mice
Thats the mystical potato-head way!

Run up and dowwn
Through the length of the town
Once you're done, do it all over again!
Get a TV
And a couch, both for free
And be like mystical potato-head men!

Eat your heart out
Keep your dog out
Be as mean as you can!
Drive fast cars
But never drink in the bars
Act like a mystical potato-head fan!

Flunk your exams
Get a scary result!
Make a lightening scar
And be happy that you are
Finally part of the mystical potato-head cult!

The things you must do
That just are not you
To keep yourself with the 'in' crowd
You know they're artificial
And they know it too
So prey, why are you so loud?

Just be who you are
Reset the bar
Stop being something pseudo!
Tell 'em just what you think
Or put it down in ink
Andd get back to playing Ludo.

So, what would you like to do?

Snort through your nose
Bathe with the hose
Pretend you're part of Star Trek's crew?
Have smelly underwear
Or cut your own hair
And do whatever you want to do?

Or would you rather wiggle your ears
Bring out some tears
Shake and make your whole head move?
Grin till you frown
And hang upside-down
And do the mystical potato-head groove?

You decide...


Aasimah said...

Hmmmm ... well .. i'd like to ...

Sleep through the storm
Move till I'm warm,
Scream so the neighbours wake up...
Spin all around
run through the town,
But never drink at the pub!

Flow with  the breeze,
Sing till I sneeze,
Write till I run out of ink ...
Cry til I'm laughing,
Sigh till I'm barfing
Stare and never have to blink!

Eat macaroni
Lie till I'm phony
Drool so they think that I'm dead
Watch till I'm seeing
Live till I'm being
Talk till I'm saying, "I said."

Spin till I'm forty
Knit till I'm dotty
Turn time back to BC
Run up a mountain
Swim in a fountain
Make all the ducks go "Wheeeeeee.....!"

Stretch till I'm yawning,
Chess till im pawn-ing
Click till the memory stick's full
Flare so I'm scary
Fur so I'm bear-y
Stock till I move up to bull!

Smile till you're smiling
Cry when you're crying
Being there to keep you afloat
Pray till they're answered
Share till they're transferred,
Freeze so i can borrow you're coat!

Love till I'm crazy
Dream till i'm hazy
Wait till my dream's in sight
Cross till i sweat it
Pray till I get it
Hope that it turns out alright...

Aveek said...

borrrow my coat anytime
its yours if its mine
keep it till the next winter season
use it forever
and do whatever
you know you dont need a reason!

with shares on your mind
what did you find
that made you so stock-y(no pun there)
all that talk bout transfers
and prayers and answers
P.S. whats a bull and a bear?! ;-D

love 'em till they're dizzy
send 'em into a tizzy
then let a loud one rip
watch 'em come back
with a snort and a crack
andd then tell 'em its just the icebergs tip!

i wanna talk you to sleep
never le you weep
make your day (and night)
give you a hug
and make you feel snug
and never again with you fight.

sometimes i get so high
i just cant feel it
in and out my brain
runnin through my vain
you're my sunshine
you're my rain!

sorry bout the lines
from a song of recent times
i couldnt possibly resist
oasis' hindu times
(though missing some rhymes)
has such a strange twist.

i dont know where im going
the words are just flowing
so im typing this as fast as i can
i got lunch downstairs
(now i get the part bout the shares)
dosnt it just sound as senseless as mashed ham?

okok, now i must stop
with this isane killer bee-bop
(what hte heck did that just mean??)
hope to meet you sometime
and stop talking in a rhyme
or shortly ill become mr. bean!

(happy? sorry bout the muddle...)

(NOTE O SELF: stop! or I'll need psychiatric help!
help me ma!!!!)

Aasimah said...

'll try my best not to run out of words
(Un)like most of the surds,
Since we need to converse in rhyme...
So I'll just mush them together
Like a bird and a feather
And try to fill in these few lines!

I'm in total doubt
What's this poem about?
Stocks and shares again??!!!
Rain and roses,
Church and Moses
Why women don't understand men?

Wait! I've got it! at least i think...
It could be about diamonds and minks...
Or yachts and expensive homes...
Wine and calamari :-P
parks oh-so- flowery!
Filled with mischievous gnomes!

Or playgrounds and swimming pools,
Watchmen and their various tools
Motorcycles with a squeak like a crab ...
Weird, drunken drivers
Those nasty connivers...
In Contessa's proclaiming "Lover's Cab" ???

Or about fate and destiny
Those cliched identities
That bring everything to its place
Of the luck of the meeting
After 13 yrs, the greeting
Staring at you right in the face...

It's really surprising
That with questions so tantalizing
This page remains blank no more...
Thank you for the offer...
Of the coat (or the muffler?)
I'll cherish it forever more :-)

Now just one question, wont take much time...
Since when does Mr. Bean talk in rhyme?
Has he even started talking at all?
Or by Mr. Bean
Did u just mean
Your little purple n green doll??

With your reasons so fine
I agree to be your valentine
Oh enchanting Mr .K!
And since it seems obsolete
That we should, tomorrow meet...
Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!

Aveek said...

as far as i can see
this reply is formidibly
harder than i thought it would
to make verse through rhyme
(though a little out of line)
but then i knew not where i stood.

and as for mr. bean
he could be the queen
of england for all i care
though he rather funny
youre right - he is a dum(b)y
lets get back to bulls and bears.

but mabye thats not too smart
(that line bout letting out a fart
i didn't mean that at all)
as you can see
my poem poem of mediocrity
requires me to start and stall.

on expensive places,
costly wine and purple hazes
and other such rambling insane
i'd love to cruise in a yacht
that for me someone bought
rather than in a publc yet lavish train.

fate and life?
on husband and wife?
where did philosophy come in?
its complicated enough
with all the other stuff
why create a louder din??

playgrounds with guards
are like modern age bards
who'll interupt at just the wrong time
contessas white
with dim, red inside light
are just as funny a memory yours as they are mine.

having got no reply
to your questions of who, what and why
you still want to go on
how nutty are we
to indefinitely
go on and add more to this whacko song??

enchanting Mr. K?
have you gone astray
why so propah and polite?
aveek ko gaya kya?
aur Mom, not maa,
are you outta your mind?

i've hit a blank
or maybe a hardwood plank
but i cant write anymore now
so you reply to me
and then we shall see
if i can think of something extra somehow...

(P.S. i'm eating apple stroodle
really tasty thing this is
if your hungry enough
to get thru this stuff
i'll make it part of your business!!)

Aasimah said...

If I'm to be honest
(Not something I do best)
I didn't understand a thing!
But these very crazy lines
And our even crazier times
A smile to me always brings!

You call this a song
So I think along
The lines of giving it a tune
We'll sing it together
Through all rainy weather
'neath the light of the moon!

Enchanting Mr K
Was just my li'l way
Of throwing you off your guard...
It was just so paradoxical
And sounded so mystical
Would look good on your business card!

At just the wrong time?
That's a questionable line
You've gone and got me all curious
Pray, what did you mean?
Was there something unseen?
That just didn't happen between us??

The yacht is a hint
I catch your subtle tint
i swear, if I could, I'd get you ten!
But i'm saving my cash
So that you can dash
In your precious Honda again.

Which just leads me to think
What a lucky gal she is
(Well that didn't rhyme I know...)
To have you beside her
To cherish and not chide her
And to tell her you love her so!

I've done my best in replying
By now you must be sighing
At my piteous attempt at our 'song'
So lemme know what you think
Before I go over the brink...
And start saying 'ding' when I mean 'dong'

Roopa said...

heyhey... lol... this is pretty cool and funny. the both of u make great banter :) ... sounds like an Alice in Wonderland rhyme... Sense in Nonsense?!!? NICE!

Aveek said...

hehee... thanks... highly (non)sensical... but its fun... we're a totally whacko set... i got another one... reply to the last one... coming up...

Aveek said...

its getting harder to converse
in rhyme, and not verse
but lets keep on with this display of affection
like the light of the stars
to the murky red of mars
our songs have no logical connection.

musically deprived, were you not?
so, i just thought
that i'd be mean as i can
and sing to you in my horrid tone
in person or over the phone
and act like a mystical potato-head fan!! ;-)

apparently my baby won't be sold
(she's worth way too much gold)
the estimate was wrong
so daddy might buy a V-tec
with the same looks and better specs
so lets all dance in thongs!!!

as you might have seen
these rhymes have beeen
put up for public display on my site
but if you want them down
(though it might cost you a half-obsolete crown)
take them back i might

now where did yoda come into the scene??
its been ages since he's been
inside my ever shape-shifting mind
and listening to leonard cohen
sends a chill through my bones n'
the reason i cant seem to find...

where is all this heading? i have no clue
and i doubt that you do too
but hey, its flowing outta me now
so i'll just go on writing
till i start fighting
my brain - i need to study somehow...

speaking of which i got prelims
tomorrow, which brings me much sorrow,
considering i have to still do 13 chapters.
ive given up on myself
and i need some help
but till then, i'll just think of velociraptors.

how greedy am i?
not one thought bout you... i dunno why
i'm still feeling... something i cant explain.
if you wanna give this a tune
or let me take you to the moon
you'll know that we've both gone insane.

ok, gotta go look at my books
or i'll get hung by hooks
by my dearest, yet scary at times mum
i'll wait for a reply
and next time wont be shy
to say what i wanna without the fear of being shunned...

hugs to you
(and maybe one for me too!)
culld, signing off
P.S. I really like soch from the scots
not to mention those yachts

Aveek said...

sorry, the 3rd last line should be:
P.S. i like SCOTCH from the scots...

Meghna said...

This looks like fun!
I'd like to...

I want to eat
Everything sweet
And not worry about putting on weight.
I want to sleep in
Every day of the week
And not think about my geography’s state!

I want to sue
The CBSE dude,
The one who is totally insane.
I want him to know,
That knowing where tobacco shall grow,
Is nothing but a really big pain!

This is harder than I thought,
To rhyme on this plot,
Which I’ll admit I don’t quite swallow.
Don’t know what to say,
I’m unusually sleepy today,
Is there a topic that one has to follow?

Rohini would do grand,
In this potato-head rant,
Though she is an evil one.
You remember her right?
I thought you just might,
She’s a potential potato-groove fan.

I had dance class today,
And I am happy to say,
That the top ten ranks are in the newsletter to see!
That includes me,
Though much below Bijoyini di,
Who is rank 1, not surprisingly.

How long do I go on?
I don’t have a ton
Of things to say right about now...
So I will shut up,
And say wus’sup?
Everyone else’s lives are how??

(hey…it’s poetic liscense!)

Noldo said...

I fear that I lack the time
To write a witty, learn'ed rhyme -
Besides that, I am down with flu,
So doggerel will have to do.

Alas, I fear that I am worse
Than any of you at rhyming verse.
And of course, studying can be
A bit exhausting (if you're me).

Now what I'd like to see would be
The chairman of I.C.S.E
Hung from a post on my classroom door,
With a sign proclaiming 'He's a bore!'

But alas, this will never be,
Not, at least, in reality.
And so I shall return to my bookshelves,
Dreaming wistfully of Tolkien Elves.

Aasimah said...

Selfish I know
But that just goes to show
You must never write in a hurry
But I told you to write soon
(Sure you can take me to the moon!)
So listen, sweetie, don't worry!

That takes away some pains
That your grief caused to me
You must be dancing - a loT!
Now I'll have to get you that yaught
(By begging for it down on one knee!)

The next time you're 'shy' (?)
Though heaven knows why...
Just remember it's only me
You can tell me anything
To hell with everything
I'm always here and forever will be

First you call this a song
(and then dance in a thong??) :-)
But now it's a display of affection?
Then pray tell me which
Verse of this
Comes under that particular section?

Let me bring to your attention
You haven't really replied to my questions
That my last rhyme seemed to bring
Thoght they're not that consequential,
And to the most part most illogical
But I LOVE to hear you sing!! :-)

Your little rhyme has not made it easy
For me to reply well in a jiffy
Can't really think of anything...
Am really quite sleepy
Loreena is creepy
She gets me all ting - a - ling!

The prospect of not seeing you
For yet another month or two
Dampens my spirits to no small extent
The lack of hugs creepily lurk
The [] don't seem to work
Especially since you last 'went'

And the thought of you going away
Will ironically forever 'stay'
in my heart, a heavy stone
And this here Dante's prayer
Doesn't seem to make it any better
I guess, for now, i'm done

Please remember me ....

Aveek said...

P.S. Deepthi, nice... but you gotta follow the rhyme scheme... otherwise it becomes really easy... but do go on...

Anonymous said...

it sounds like u two...aveek and aasimah are in love or sth!

aasimah! said...

you got 'love' from that??? whoa ... and i thought I was the weidest person on the planet...
what say you aveek? ;-)

aasimah! said...

and hello ... do reply to the latest verse!

Aveek said...

haha... yeah, how on earth did you get love from all the possible words in the dictionary...??!! That, but one ton(ne?) of other things...

Ya ya I'll reply when i got more time.

Aveek said...

Gosh its been a while
Since I tried this style
Of insane poetry and prose
oh yeah, forgot to ask you
(with all respect due)
did them buds blossom into a rose?

Yes, my baby divine
(My Honda) is fine
Tho I heard someone call her boring
And I was so aghast
I almost held a fast
But then I decided to start it ignoring.

What questions were these??
Were they of Pulao and peas
Or just of Wine and Champagne?
Or mabe of Sherry
All Red and all merry
Over food I have gone insane...

The hugs you shall have
(nothing rhymes except suave
Said in a most interesting way)
That thing about a night
Me giving them a fright
All I can say is No Way.

Why talk bout LoREEnAA!??
I'm over her na?
And I'm waiting for my Porsche 911.
Your 'friend' you can take
(Or maybe just fake)
But I want to see him under the light of the sun.

These rhymes so twisted
And words all a-misted
Send no clear signal to me,
Whats going on?
A dance or a song?
Melody or Cacophony?!

Either way
I do essay
To write back as soon as I can
Though that might take some time
(To think of a good rhyme)
While driving the Porsche through the AutoBahn!!

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