Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Taken A Gamble

I finally got p*ss*d off with work at the garage.


Well, the thing was that I just got absolutely no new ideas, no new procedures, no nothing from there, except taking the cars out every morning and parking them (a total movement behind the wheel of 10 meters each). The only thing tat kept me going there for a couple of weeks was the awesome sound of the twin exhausts of the Volkswagen Beetle, more commonly known as the Bug. That, and the cheery (and somewhat mad-cap) conversations I'd have with the mechanics there... It was an interesting experience the first time around, but this was O.D.ing on the stuff, so I gave up on it.

Just as I thought life will become interesting with all the free time on my hands (3 weeks) dad drops a bomb-shell on me... Damned again!! He told me that he was talking to Anu - a friend and colleague of his from his days at Indya.com, when we first shifted here - and she needed some help with some desk work at her newly set-up office. While all this was fine, he, uh, "quietly", dropped my name and general joblessness into the conversation, and so she said "Why don't you send him over to work for me? That way he can use his 3 weeks".
I really don't mind, but I wanna be with my friends, who are, of course, jobless till next weekend. I've taken a gamble, saying that in a week, everyone will be coming back at the same time as me, so I may as well go for work. Thing is, I realized yesterday (which was my first day at work, by the way) that while we can all meet up in the evenings, I have a HUGE friend network who I gotta say bye to in this city, and even though the job is 5 days a week, I wanna meet Diya during the weekends, so I have no time left to meet everyone else at all... Bummer.
So here's my battle plan - for 2 outta the 3 weeks I'm gonna work my butt off, show Anu that I'm a great worker and I will finish whatever work she assigns to me (the very nature of which, everyone knows, is utterly boring, but it cant be helped, I guess...) and hence (I hope) will make her say YES quite easily when I ask her if I can take the last week off to meet my friends an all. If necessary, I'll even take some work home and finish it. That's the price that I'm willing to pay to properly say bye to certain people. I'm crazy. Don't ever hire me...!!! OK, I'm kidding. Please do hire me when I need a job, money, a place to stay, a feeling of belonging, and all that jazz.

So there's my gamble. Just gotta see if it really works out. Feel free to guide/cajole/correct/destroy my thoughts and strategies.

Oh, and if you post, do leave your name so I can thank/curse you, depending on the final outcome of the situation.
Till then, I look forward to your views on my super-complex-yet-simple life...!!