Thursday, December 30, 2004

So Much For Christmas

YAY...! Christmas is here! And gone now. I had so much fun.
Maybe I was wrong about Christmas. Maybe it IS (NOT) the Day when you and your family laugh, unwrap gifts, call friends and family over, and have a jovial time.
Christmas is when you bribe your kids to be good next year with lots of presents, hot chocolate, and tons of cash. It's NOT when you lecture your kids on allowance, on Tsunamis and how you should think of the money we splurge on petty gifts that we could instead use to help the needy. It is NOT the time you make your kids grovel and plead on all fours to get you that amazing Hilfiger shirt that they've been raving and ranting 'bout for the past 2 months (Oh bite me if you think I'm still going on with the Hilfiger post). Is NOT the time you give your kid dirty looks and expect them to do the laundry at 8 IN THE MORNING!!! Its not the time you expect your children (fine, child) to suddenly become mature and expect him to work like a grown up person, but still refuse him any allowance, saying it helps biuld charecter (Calvin,I'm sure you agree!!). And it's NOT the time when you call your children (again - child) deaf because you've got an ulcer ad can't speak over half a decibel, and as punishment you don't get any presents.

So much for christmas. Santa can go suck an egg. And his elves can microwave themselves. Festive spirt - shmestive spirit. It can all go burn itself up in the upper layer of the atmosphere for all I care.

I love Christmas. And New Year. And any other festival that you can think of that will enable me to 'bond' with my parents. Like World Nazi Day, or something.


Anonymous said...

jeez, stop cribbing, if you want more cash earn it yourself. i agree with your parents.

and that nazi comment is in just plain bad taste. i know people who have actually had grandparents who were hit by nazis. dont talk about something you have no idea about.
and that comment 'anonymous' *ahem* on meghnas blog impersonating me was just plain stupid.

Aveek said...

I for one have no need to post anonymously on anyone's blog, let alone meghna's. Its only people like you, who think they're too good for blogs who do things like that. I still have no trace of YOUR website, that you were so flambouyantly advertising.
And you know that I am the last person on the face of this planet who'd use sodding. you know it, mutt.
You don't know shit bout nazi's either, so don't give me that holier-than-thou crap, OK? don't try to be someone you aren't. You are NOT a know-it-all (much as you'd love to be). You have NEVER been in any situation that even faintly resembles that one, so don't bullsh*t that you 'feel' for it, and that I shouldn't say stuff like that. I don't think that you have any right to tell me what to and waht not to talk bout.
Why don't you decide which side you're on, by the way? Isn't it alright? After all ,if Schumachers grand-parents had anything to do with the nazi's, I'm sure their cause would be good enough for you too, wouldn't it?
Really Arjun, you suck. You have no clue what you're doing or saying. Stop trying. Find something to do with your time - apart from (stupidly)gloating that you're the worlds biggest, most obnoxious wanna-be geek nerd. Really, all the lines you're playing on us, are really, really pathetic. And it looks like you're running outta them too...
Maybe you should go someplace where people will listen to you - like a Happy House (assuming you know what those places are).

GTG... will finish this tomorow.
Meanwhile, happy new year!!!

Anonymous said...

ok maybe that wasnt you, but it certainly wasnt me either. everytime i post anonymously (except for that first argument-initiator) i sign my name. i suspected you, as youre the only dumfuck i know

i do not have to give you details as to my website. thats my own business. and the only one who flambouyantly advertises anything is you. jesus, you make your crap seem like some mountain of destiny. thats how much you over-exxagerate.

god knows whats happened to you, you sound as frustrated as a great dane in a 2'x2' kennel.

and that neo nazi crap is in SUCH bad taste, it doesnt even deserve a reply. i cannot believe how low you seem to have sunk. youre gonna get it if sneha reads your blog. thats if she isnt horrified so much that she never visits your blog again...

i am the second most obnoxious person in the world. the honour of the greatest goes to you. unfortunately thats probably the only thing youll ever come first at.

if you think my lines are pathetic, you should reflect on your own. for christs sake get a life.

and do not bother replying, i dont think i will be reading your posts again.
you can cry as much as you want that im 'running away' but you disgust me.

Happy New Year to you too


Aveek said...

Hey, what happened to your spirit of "its all in jest"?? Suddenly packed its bags and bolted...? Strange... Admitted my lines suck too, but take a look at the place thats influencing me, and the one thats influencing you...
I's sorry, but it doesn't make a difference if you come or go... my world does NOT revolve around your visiting my site - much as you'd like to think. This is where I post what I want. I really don't care what you, or anyone else thinks.

PS, I might be the only dumbF*ck you know, but that has never stopped you from taking all the credit for the stupid sh*t you say an do ;-)

Aveek said...

On second thought, I admit that thee neo nazi crap was a bit much. For that I apologise profusely to anyone who got (Really) offended. That was not meant to point fingers or particularly comment on the nazi's/related parties. Was just very pissed off.

But I still hold on very firmly to the holier-than-thou shit you were spitting, that I said to you, Arjun.

nandini said...

well, u seem 2 hve had a rather sucky christmas.
you know, that nazi thing was a bit much, but since i dont no anything about u or ur parents-i'm not in a position 2 say anythng-coz i do no some people who dont hve it easy at home-really.
all i can say is- its good u hve a means of expresng ur feelngs-ur blog.bottlng up ur anger is never good-trust me, it can be devastating.
best of luck fr 2005!
hapy new yr!!!

Aveek said...

Hey Nandini, ya, the nazi thing was a bit uch, but it was a passing comment in one of my more furious states. Too bad Arjun can't see anything straight exept what he wants to. But enought on him. Yup, had a sucky christmas... New Year was better tho... hehe... Happy New year to you too! How was your new year?

P.S. Went to your blog - very nice poetry!

nandini said...

well,in my case it is the exact opposite. i had a spiffing christmas(my grandmom was christian- so it was a big deal)and a corking new year!
i might as well have locked myself in the bathroom for the entire week!!!
thanks alot for the compliment on my blog - you seem to be one of the very few to actually be able to make head or tail out of my poems!
i think your posts are nice too-basically, they make alot of sense (most of the time!)-you seem to have a pretty strong opinion on most things.
good that you had a nice new year (at least!)
anyway, happy 2005 again...and all the best for your prelims(same to me!)

Anonymous said...

Aveek... the Nazi comment drawing so much controversy i see... lighten up already, like he's alluding to the actual holocaust... or even trivialising it in any way... its an expression, not an NRA rally or neo nazis of the world unite!!!


Meghna said...

Yea...I thout Arjun was over doing it a bit too...but I didn't want to provoke anymore comments from him.
He is really one of the most snotty people I have ever come across...

Aveek said...

Oh Arjun, look! I'm Crying!

[/Dripping sarcasm]

Jeez, isn't your ego the size of earth... you really think that i'm gonna CRY over you?!! Haha!! Where did you get that notion in our your soft head you moron. I'm sorry, but I'd rather not have you back. You leave a scar on my blog. You don't really have anything to say. You just have time, and no REAL friends, so you go around disssing other people so you aren't alone. And then you think that people are gonna give you importance, and CRY when you leave. Frankly, you're highly baseless and instigating comments are utter garbage, and you know it. Go write stuff on your 'private site' so only you can view it, and feel most happy with yourself. I'm not even gonna waste my time and energy pitying you, you worthless scumbag.
Frankly, if Sneha doesn't realise that its just a line, and not meant to comment on anyone in particular, I don't think that she ought to read any of my posts. You most certainly don't.
Go away dude.
You're not welcome here any more.

Aveek said...

I wanted to say that for so long... Just never got pissed off enough.

Noldo said...

Aveek, was the guy ever welcome?

Actually, it was pretty amusing in the beginning, if one looked at it objectively. Now it just makes him seem like an utter git. He is so overdoing it.

Snebert said...

im going to do something that i dont do a lot- side with arjun.
As far as i can see... all arjun told u was to stop cribbing, which is indeed a very valid point. YOU say u had a bad christmas when in the same week thousands of people in asia lost their homes and loved ones. Im sure THEY had the christmas of their lives, aveek.
and u can SHUT UP about nazis, ok? Both arjun and i know people, both jewish and german, whose families had been RIPPED apart in world war 2. I suppose THEY know shit about nazis. in fact the person who seems to be the MOST clueless about nazis is YOU, as u r comparing your patheic christmas to the terror caused in the holocaust.
you say that arjun doesnt have a right to tell u to not mention nazis cause he hasnt been in a similar situation. that argument applies to u as well. THANK GOD none of us have been in a similar situation...cos christmas would be a hell of a lot worse. really, it doesnt take much to realise that.

Now arjun is an idiot. God, id be the first person to say that. all of u know that. Not a day has passed by when i dont get at least one of his trademark insults. i know hes been dissing peoples blogs, and if u are mad, there r a hundred ways of retorting to that IN CONTEXT. When arjun disses you, its actually possible to defend ur argument with logic to support it without getting uselessly mad. Thats wat ultimately shuts him up. In fact, when u just get angry, it seems to a 3rd person that ur insulting him cos u have nothing else to say to support ur argument. just a bunch of flippant comments from him gives u absolutely no right to comment on how he has no real friends and stuff. When there is SO much u can say against him thats doesnt make sense to say something so personal and plain mean.
i know that arjun isnt popular here, judging by the comments that everyone else made... and he has no reason to be....but honestly, i cant believe all of u take him seriously. aveek its pretty sad that u lose ur temper over someone like arjun, who is just a petty nuisance compared to the really spiteful people in this world.
One more thing. Blogs are written to be viewed by the general public. So you have to be prepared for ANY comment that comes in, whether its positive, critical, or just some random guy trying to piss u off. Its plain stupid to order off people who write negative comments from ur blog, cos that just shows ur scared to be judged in any way.

I have nothing against u personally aveek, and im not saying this simply to defend arjun. all that ive written here is what ive noticed simply from the line of discussion of this blog.

I noticed that u said im not ought to read ur posts. Well thats pretty sad as well...cos they were a pretty good source of entertainment for me. I suppose ur just going to repeat that again when u publish another comment in retaliation to this one, getting completely angry and calling me names all over again.

happy new year

Anonymous said...

well well well, aveek you need to realise in life that theres a LINE to which you need to restrict your posts and your insults. however the sad thing is that even though you are one of the wittiest persons i know you have no idea where that line is.
the personal attacks i put towards you are no way as far as the 'nazi' comments you posted. however i accept your apology on that topic, and lets not discuss that one again.

im sorry aveek, i dont bite, you do.

if you dont get my point from my schumacher statement then its too bad. here let me spell it out for those who are having trouble defrosting their brain: i dont care what the MAN said when im judging his clothing line. i however to care what the man said when im judging the man himself. Yes, the two entities are separable. and we dont even know whether he actually said that statement.
Jin, i understand your point, yes there is a point at which you couldnt separate your feelings between the man/products. my arguments agree with aveeks on this point so i wont restate them...

but in summary i feel a statement that has no proof behind it isnt going to stop me from wearing hilfiger clothes.

what makes you think that vikram is somebody 'beneath' you? yes he has failed classes but thats not the only way to judge a person. if you think it is thats a failure on your part not his.
in fact hes way smarter and funnier than you could even dream of being, thus explaining why i used to hang out with him at nafl.
and no, everyone hated him when he joined his class. it was not 'cool' to hang out with him. it was quite the opposite. but when people really learnt how nice he actually was, we became his friends. why dont you ask karuna/sarisha or someone else who knew him how he was?

well meghna, no i dont actually have anything to say. if you cant get my points, well its too bad.

yes ofcourse!

Snebert said...

I just read ur comment on Vikram. I CANNOT BELIEVE U SAID SUCH A THING. Vikram may have failed a couple of classes, but honestly, if u spend time with the guy ud know what an amazing person he is. He is one of the swwetest, nicest, funniest and most genuine people i have ever known, and u have no right to say such things against him. And u know what? hes one of the smartest people i know as well. I honestly believe he flunked two grades cos a school system wasnt right for him. When u put him in his own area of expertise, he shines. I dont mean to be mean, but really, u cant comment on vikrams grades when u dont exactly top ur class. What the hell is wrong with u? I wasnt angry before, when u said all that stuff abt arjun, but vikram is different cup of tea. The guy doesnt even visit the blog...ur just being plain despicable. I really thot u were a cool guy...until i read that post.

Meghna said...

My God...It's really amazing how you two can blow something like this out of proportion!

Sneha - I'm going to do something I don't do alot - take Aveek's side over yours! Just as you said, Aveek should have retored in context, but you really have no idea what a pain Arjun has been making of himself lately. ANYONE would lose their temper...I got pretty close to doing it. He only responds by dissing people, and uses no logic. You can't fight insults with logic. He is an ass. Yes, we put our blogs on a public forum...and yes we do accept public opinions, but we expect common courtesy - at least from people we know! Frankly, Arjun and I are practically i don't understand why he took off on ME...but aren't him and Aveek supposed to be friends?! I mean...LAY OFF! The worst that could happen is...ARJUN would look like the bigger person!

Arjun - No I guess I don't get your points. Nor do I get your motivation to be obnoxious. I fail to fathom your pleasure in dissing people. Sure, this is a public forum...but is not-being-mean going to kill you?
You need to decide whether you are shallow or not! You give up your principles for Schumacher...but this 'Nazi' comment gets you so upset.

Aveek - I can't say that I don't think you have a short temper. You give Arjun way more thought than he is worth.

I agree with you Sneha when you objected to the comparison to a bad Christmas to the horrors of the holocaust…but it has become a phrase isn't as literal as you are making it.
I really think you all need to stop. This is an issue blown WAY out of proportion. Use your passions where it is worth it. This topic really didn't deserve this much discussion.

Snebert said...

meghna i TOTALLY understand how annoying arjun can be. And if u want to get mad, get mad, but theres a limit as to how much u can say. I made it a point to read all of arjuns posts on both ur blogs and aveek's, and granted, they r EXTREMELY IRRITATING. but thats it. they arent intentionally mean like what aveek has said. Even the stuff about aveek being a show off and all....u can tell its a joke....its purpose is to annoy, whereas aveek's purpose is to be hurtful. Thats the difference.

Snebert said...

umm...okay...i wanted to post sumthing that isnt related to the aveek-arjun fact i actually wanted to comment on the article this time....u know...cos thats wat these comment posts usually are for:D:D

I dunno aveek...i reread ur article, and frankly, ur parents just sound like normal parents. I mean, every parent acts like that....u know, telling u to grow up, and being cost conscious, and denying u expensive things- it does get annoying sometimes, granted, and i suppose the post was simply a vent for the irritation, but really.....i dont think it contributes so much to a BAD xmas.....when parents all over the world act like that throughout the year. I mean, if those are ur parents on a BAD day...u probably have very nice parents indeed.
So...lighten up... Im sure it wasnt all that bad....when u compare it to my xmas....i mean...i was stuck playing counterstrike with a bunch of guys (u were there, werent u?)

P.S.: ok i REALLY hate to sound all holier-than-thou but even the giving the money to tsunami victims thing wasnt such a bad idea...forgive had to be said:D:D:D even tho i sound like ur mother;)

Aveek said...

Right... I haven't been on the net 2 days and I got 4 replies to deal with.... yikes... So im gonna start with the last one, from sneha.

You know, you're completely right. I re-reead my article the next day and I felt the same. I just wrote that post when I was totally pissed off iwth lots of other (completely unrelated) things. I completely agree with you on this one.

Next:On Vikram.
I'm not saying he's beneath me, but that he's always acted the way arjun was acting(posting?) towards me, without any real provocation as such. As far as he went, he was always either trying to get something out of me, or trying to get me into trouble. this is what i mistakenly overheard him telling someone else. Ever since, I've never looked at him witth any respect, or even (almost) consideration. As far as I was concerned, he always acted that way towards me. This is my point of view, and I'm sticking to it.

Next: On the nazi comment - IT WAS JUST AN EXPRESSION!!! I didn't mean no offence to anyone, and I even apologised for it if i did.

Next: On you not reading my posts(Sneha I mean), again, just a passing line, no offence or anything meant. Generally, your views are welcome(whatever they may be), cause they are just views/opinions, nothing else. Arjuns(so far), however, have just been instigating so far, so I am bound to look at each of his statements like that from experience.

Next: Arjun, nice(?) to see you back to defend your, er, postion. OK, sorry bout the schumacher thing, admitted I overdid that one. And i do agree with you on the Hilfiger statemant, by the way. And bout Vikram, please read the above para on him. Its just my viwepoint.

Next: Sneha, in response to your reponse to Meghna, his intntion seems to have gone a little furthur that to annoy, and my intention is NOT to hurt, no matter what any of you think. Plese tell me Who and How i hurt, and I will either apologise, or justify my postion.

Next(Man, this is tiring if you've just woken up on a Sunday mornin): Meghna, I do have a rather short temper, and (unrelated) aren't really helping stop it. I do get annoyed, but that doesn't mean that I lose it(I dont care what anyone says, but again, I'm sure everyone has they're own views, so I'm not gonna conest that one).

Next: Arjun, in response to the you don't bite, I do - Haha, very funny. OK, fine, that was a good one... hehe... But I still think we ought to leave this out of the conversation.

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