Friday, January 21, 2005

Ban America! And Prince Harry Is Perfectly Fine Too...

The entire debate bout the Americans being all scandalised by the Olympic opening ceremony is such garbage. I mean, what te hell? It's the Americans that are SOOOO obsessed with sex, nudity and porn - and rather openly too - and then they go about pretending to be scandalised by the display of what was not intended to be vulgar, but a display of culture. From when did America become the governing body on what is unsuitable for viewing, and who gave them the right to decide anything?
Who says they have the authority to impose their ideals on everyone as they please? If you ask me, Americans are the biggest hypocrites on the planet. They are always sticking thies over-size noses into everyone's business, trying to act like big-brother, and more often thatn not end up making a hash of things - which they then try to justify by fighting a war with Iraq, a country who never did anything to them, had no WMDs, had no citizen who violated any regulations, except maybe the one that (doesn't) state that ony Americans get equal - if not more than equal - rights, an that the rest are subject to the opinion of some racist, sexist pigs.
The 'controversy' about the Olympics was just another dot in the mega-pixel page of this American intrusion to other peoples, cultures, and civilizations customs. If they buy the Pirelli calendar every year (it is one of the highest selling calendars in the States) and find it most fitting in their living rooms, bed-rooms, and bathrooms, I do not see how they can call a culture's customs vulgar, and in ill taste. After all, they hang 'Art' in thier homes, but are disgusted by the 'unfit' images they see by anthing that does not have 'Pirelli' written under it.

And about the Swastika. I saw absolutely nothing wrong in what Prince Harry did. It was a 'historical' party, and was the Swastika a huge part of history - in whichever way? Wearing it doessn't mean you support it, it just means it's your choice of costume, to look like a major historical figure. After all, thats what the whoe party was about. It's like the Hilfiger Debate, it's just in a slightly different context. Instead of saying that his clothes were designed on a caucasian platform, Prince Harry chose his wardrobe to imitate an easily identifiable historical symbol. Were there any reglations saying please do not wear anything that may offend? And even if they were unsaid, then what was the point of wearing any thing historical? I'm sure everyone has something agains't someone or the other. Iff someone dressed up like Noah, then someone would get all fired up and argue that by dressing up as Noah, they were suggesting that civilization were founded in Europe. Or if someone dressed up as Moses, that they were sugesting that Egyptian civilization was the leading civilization at that time. Or if someone dressed up Jesus that they were saying that Jesus is discriminating agains't Bramha, or Allah, only keeping in mind the Jews and Chritains.
I mean, all these are just plain absurd, and if you look at the Prince Harry incident, so was that. As it is, today's world of liberalizaion and freedom, we can say and do what we want without bringing up socail stigmas, and without trying to blame anyone for something that had happened so long ago. I'm quite surprised that the Americans didn't say anything... maybe their lack of IQ prevents them from saying anthing worth listening to.
What right does the German government have banning another cultures symbol? Just because it was adopted and manipulated to strike fear in peoples hearts, doen't mean it does not have its original relevance. It is like banning the Turban and scarves of Sikhs and Muslims. It's a part of their culture. Tomorrow if everyIndian in Europe has a pooja with the Swastika adorning their houses, will the British, German, French, Spanish and Portugese Secret Service investigate the houses, and abduct these people because of their alleged connection - however far fetched - to the Nazis? What absolute Balderdash. The problem is that people want attention. They want everyone to turn their way and give them lots and lots of attention. If I say anything about Nazis, Sneha and Arjun will stick up for what they believe, because they know someone who's grandparents fought in those times. I mean no offense to them, or to the third person, but if you could just forget it, it would make life so much more liveable. Imagine everytime sameone says 'Swastika' a Jew breaks down or starts cursing everone thats german, or for that matter, everyone thats not Jewish? I think thats just plain stupid. Its dumb and thoughtless that people will hold grudges that are 50 years old, and take offense for something that has been halted, and duly apologised for? What the F*CK IS WITH THIS STUPID HUMAN RACE???

Monday, January 17, 2005


Lately, I've been assessing most of my actions after I do them, and sometimes, on specific topics, my thoughts. I keep wondering if I'm doing something to please someone, or to try and put forward an image thtas not me, or if its something genuine. I really can't decide between whats real an genuine, and whats pseudo. Or maybe I just don't want to. Chances are that I don't want to own up to these secrets that I have, that I'm sure are harmless, but that I'm afraid o tell anyone anyways.
Sometimes when I look back, another rather interesting question pops into my mind. On assessing an action/thought that, as far as I knew was not me, it struck me that in my effort to project something that I was not, maybe, just maybe, I had adapted to that particular action, and it came so much more freely to me now... that it had become a part of me now, that it was not after all, pseudo.
There are many instances of such introspection. The most common would, of course, be the way one feels about someone else. Take, for example, a loved one, like a close friend. When they are somewhere else, but still in communication with you, 'formalities'(for lack of a better word) are exchanged. Things like,"I miss you". It is said without giving it a second thought. But think again, and more often than not, you'll realise that you were doing perfectly fine before, during and after that call, not in the least bothered by the fact that that person was so far away at that poin of time.
Another analysis of feelings would be when you say you love someone. Now I'm sure that this one is gonna be hotly contested, but I believe that before you do actually love someone for who they are, you 'love' them for some physical/material(? again, I'm not too sure I got the right word) reason. You want to be with that someone so that you can show off - or just be proud of the fact - that you got someone with that quality that no one else did. Sure, as you grow older, more perspectives filter the reasoning and choices of love - not to mention everthing else - that you encounter. Bt until then, you are still evolving, so to speak.
When you look inside(or even just below the surface, depending on how shallow you are) you will - no, might - realise that you could 'love' someone because no one else seems to want to be with you, and as you get more and more desperate for that attention, you turn to people who (probably) have some sort of inkling of the same feeling for you - or worse, in your desperation, you turn to those that don't. (Hey, this is not specifically pointed at anyone, its just a generalizaion of my analysis. Its a very small analysis, I admit, so there are bound to be many more variables and factors contributing, but as far as I have reached, these seem to be it...)
Another analysis of thought and action is something that everyone seems to do, but you can't. At least not well.But over time, depending on your deire to master it, it becomes a part of you, if even slightly. Take, for example, dancing. I have a friend (not to be named for reasons of privacy and to be saved some embarassment) wh was really conscius of himself. All he wanted to do was dance, but he was just rythmically impaired. Its not like it was his fault - all his moves were jerky, forced, and unsure. People never said anything to him as they didn't want to hurt his feelings, but he knew anyway. For years he'd just dance to be a part of the music, because he was really deeply into the music itself, and over-time, he became less 'impaired'. He could dance, at least a few twists, turns, slides and waves, with much more ease, comfort and confidence. None-the-less, whenever he did it, he became conscious, and would think,"Look at me, I'm trying this to be cool. This is not who I am. I can't dance." Until one day he realised that it WASN"T who he WAS, it was what he had BECOME. He had grown into it, and now it was no longer a pseudo action, no longer forced, unless he thought o it that way.

It's extremely interesting to do this introspection, especially about small, seemingly insignifican thoughts that you'd not give a second glance otherwise. Especially if you're in the middle of an extremely boring Chemistry class, and are caught up thinking about what you'll be, and who you'll be.
Tell me what you guys come up with.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Santa Is Evil

Santa is an evil man
An evil chap with an evil plan;
He has an evil house, an evil dog
Some evil food for his evil hog.
Evil fire, evil toast
And even an evil evil ghost!
And evil daughter, an evil son,
Not to mention an evil nun!

His evil instincts force him to flick
Presents first from the dyslexic
And the evil older kids
Because his evil budget forbids
Him from making toys every evil year
So he shifts into evil gear
And recycles most evilly
The gifts he gave to you and me.

He takes them back,
He fixes them through,
And adds some nasty, evil flu
To each evil present he packs
To give all the Henrys, Jills, and Jacks.

So if you see your old evil doll
With your kid sis(who just learned to crawl)
Or your old evil toy
With some other, evil boy
Who lives in some other place
From another land, another race,
You'll know just who caused this stint
When Christmas came, but presents didn't.

- Aveek Katiyar (27 Oct '04)

Just on the topic of a bad Christmas and no presents and all... thought I'd post this. :-D.
What do you guys think...?!

My Beanie!!

I lost my Beanie today :-( I miss it so much already... I've already just lost my wallet, and now this goes and happens. I hate myself. I,lose all the things I love so much.
BLAICH to me!!!
Some stupid fart-ass auto-driver came ten seconds before I got back to the site and flicked it. Some motorist guy told me that he saw him take it. Stupid moron couldn't have stopped him or taken the number or something...? *ss-H*le.
And it was such an old and good-looking Beanie. I miss it so much!!!
NNNOOOOO!!!! Don't leave me, PRRECIOUSSSS!!!! Why have you gone, never to return? Alas, woe is me! I shall mournt both You and Wallet together now. May God(assuming he exists - though lets not get into that now) rest your(Wallet's) soft leather and may You squeeze the head of that arse-hole rick driver till his brain juices flow out from his nose. Just make sure that You don't get soiled, and that You get back home to me. I'll be waiting for both of you.

(Yes, for those of you who don't already know, I am totally batty.)

Sunday, January 09, 2005


Man, is it just me, or is everything I post up for the title of 'Condemned'??
Either that, or everyone has their own P.O.V.s that they wanna put forward. Still, it's beginning to loook a little nasty, isn't it? All I (seem to be able to) blog about goes under the microscope. Not that it's a bad thing, it's just that this place seems to be becoming a public venting session hall. Of course, it IS public, but yeah, still. I'm not saying don't or anything, I'm just observing the, uh, developments that are occuring. It's actually rather fun to take part in these discussions. I just hope I'm not causing too much of a str anywhere. I'm sure that Sneha and Arjun got somehing more to say to me thatn they are already. Oh boy. What a ride I seem to be in for.

I gotta post bout something else. Like kittens. Or doorknobs.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Tidal Wave

OK, I know you think I caught on a little late on this one, but that’s not true - I just didn't have enough time (or patience) to write a post. And I know that you guys are gonna think that writing what I'm writing is so totally clich├ęd - and it probably is - but I don't care. Heck, this is MY blog and I'm gonna write what I please, so there.

(Sorry, I have no clue what just made me type that...)

Its strange - no, sad, that it takes us nothing short of death, or severe loss to make us realise what we truly cherish, and what we take for granted that we shouldn't. Things that we consciously ignore, things that we miss in the mindless hustle-bustle of our everyday lives. Things we should tell people that we don't, places we want to visit that we don't, things we want to do, but postpone for 'later'.
Its disheartening that nations say so much about 'public security' and 'concern' for the peoples of other nations, and yet let these things happen without doing a thing about it. Only after the bomb has exploded, only after the quake has eaten its share of the crust, only after the fire has engulfed to its limit, only after the wave has swept away all it can does anyone and everyone re-act. Only after the waters have calmed, so-to-speak, will people venture to 'save' the less fortunate others. So much for the age of 'information' and 'global security' and 'GPS detection' and other 'warning' systems. The Wave came, say, and pillaged all. Thank you Indonesia for informing us. Thank you Malaysia, for telling us so early. Thank you USA for your advanced computer detection systems that warned us of such an unfathomable occurrence. Thank you India, for actually acting on the information. Why the *&^% can't anyone have fail-safes?!
What the hell were you stupid fart politicians and 'leaders' doing huh? Did you feel the tremors in your 35-lakh Benz? Did you hear the cries of everyone who lost anything and everything in your 10-crore soundproof mansion? And when you did (on your 4-lakh plasma TV), did you do anything? Were you even dimly aware of the extent of damage - both physical as well as psychological - that had been caused? Did you contribute anything? Did you Visit the affected areas and PERSONALLY try and help out? Or were you too high for a lowly job like that? Did you chip in any more than the interests of one month of your bank accounts that you'd never really miss anyway? I don't recall it... sure, there are exceptions... but are you one of them? So much for your 'I will make a difference' speeches, huh? I bet you don't even know where the affected places are. As long as you're safe it’s all right, huh?

Right, sorry... I just wanted to get that off by chest. Pardon me for my poor literary skills - I just couldn't be 'WordyMcWord' as someone put it ;-). If it doesn't make sense to you, I think its cool - it didn't make sense to me either... just needed to get it out.

I can't cope with loss.
I gotta learn to ride the Wave.