Monday, May 09, 2005

The Return Of The Silver Arrows

No, I'm not talking about some new fad in amazon warfare. I'm talking about West McLaren Mercedes, Kimi Raikkonen, and his mind-blowing pace.
The Spanish circuit (Circuit De Catalunya) saw the comeback of formula-1 giants McLaren-Mercedes - something that wasw coming for some time qith the super-competitive pace of the new McLaren of 2005 from the beginning of the season. Kimi Raikkonen stormed through the length of the 4.62 Km track to come third in the first qualifying session, and then took to the track yet another scorcher during second qualifying to gain pole position, while team-mate Juan Pablo Montoya could only get a mere 7th, though still ahead of the two struggling Ferrraris of Michael Schumacher(8th) and Ruben Barrichello(16th).
As the five red lights went out to start the Spanish Grand Prix, Kimi got of to (yet another) flying start, pulling away from title leader and second-placed Fernando Alonso by a second in the first lap. Kimi leads The Pack

But this wasn't just a one flying lap by Kimi - he kept this blistering pace up through the entire race, moving a second aa lap quicker than Fernando, and two seconds quicker than almost everyone else. His McLaren team-mate JPM, however, had a very interesting race, spinning most mysteriously through turns 7 and 8 but making a fantastic recovery and proceeding to pretend nothing happened at all.
By the first round of pit-stops, Kimi was 26 seconds in fromt of Alonso, which got him into andd out of the pits still ahead of him, though only just. However, Alonso still had to stop for fuel, so Kimi was under no real threat.
By about lap 35 Kimi lapped a most stubborn Barrichello, who almost refused to move over when the Silver Arrow of the Finn shot by him:Kimi Storms Past Barrichello

The other Ferrari had absolutely no luck either, with reigning world champion Michael Schumacher, who was fighting for 8th place with McLaren's JPM, was exiting the pits just as the two Mclarens of JPM and Kimi Raikkonen respectively bored down on the Scuderia Ferrari, Kimi lapping JPM and in the proscess cutting off Schumachers exit, giving JPM the advantage by lettting him follow just behind his team-mate to get the btter of Schumi. Michael was finally beginnig to look good, when he suddenly had to pit for a deflated rear tyre. Things got no better for hime either, as on his outlap while on a quick right hander his front-left Bridgestone also deflated, throing the front of his car into the gravel and severely damaging the under-carraige and the side pods of his Ferrari.Schu Bites the Dust The German ace limped back to the pits to retire shortly afterwards.
By the second round of pit-stops around lap 49, Kimi Raikkonen had stapmed his authority allover the Catalan circuit and over all the cars and their drivers. The last time McLaren had won here was thee hands of another Fying Finn - Mika Hakkinen - and Kimi has kept the Finnish flag flying high.
Kimi has earned his Champagne, and may he win every race there is. All hail the next world-champion!!