Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A Good Question

"How much of what we readily identify as 'progress' in urban-industrial society is really the undoing of evils inherited from the last round of technological innovation?"

Quoted from: "Where the Wasteland Ends", Theodore Roszak, 1972.

Friday, January 23, 2009

यह टाइटल हिन्दी मे क्यों लिखा है??

While I understand that there is a much greater emphasis on ethnicity these days, I do not know why my blogger account suddenly converts my post titles into Hindi - nor do I know how to change it. If anyone has any ideas that could help me choose when I want to change the Title language, shoot me a mail. Otherwise, just shoot me.

Anyway, the topic of today is, Inspiration Expiration. I am required by college to design a piece of headgear for my 3D class, and our teacher has been giving me the toughest time ever. She wants us to take inspiration from anything we choose, convert it into a motif (or a set thereof), and create our headgear. Now, that seems simple enough, doesn't it? Well, it's not. I can think of so many things that inspire me, but I can't create the motifs for them that are simple enough to create, nor can I blend them together. I have had a whole set of ideas that include Animals, Eyeballs, Organic Shapes, Things to do with the Head, Psychedelica, Nikki Catsouras' Car Crash (which is bloody damn gory), Gullwing Doors and the global Phoenix, but there's nothing synchronic that I can see between them.
I know that I could just pout together some 2-bit piece of junk and talk my way around it being a fantastic concept that is 2 years ahead of its time, but that's not how I want to achieve my grades. I was really looking forward to this project, armed with an armada of ideas that one-by-one got shot down during 3 sessions of discussions with my teacher. Why? Because they are all direct and projects like that have been created in the past - she wants something new, fresh, and totally eye-catching. So do I, but now I'm stuck.
Maybe it has something to do with creator's block, maybe it has to do with laziness, maybe I jsut can't think anymore. But I need to submit this thing - complete - within the next week and I don't even have an idea. Someone please help me out.