Friday, March 18, 2005

The Satch Has Arrived!

For anyone who knows who The Satch is, well, there's the whole post in the title, essentially. For those of you who don't:

Satch = Joe Satriani, and his god given ability to twist those strings of that awesome guitar of his. Looks like all my ranting and raving of 'Satriani must come here' and 'Satriani = God' and everything else that I must have subjected everyone to finally came to something!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!!! He is playing at Calcutta, Mumbai, and Bangalore. The dates:

1. 14th May 05 at MMRDA Grounds Bombay

2. 15th May 05 at Salt Lake City Grounds Calcutta

3. 17th May 05 at Palace Grounds Bangalore

I'm gonna start praying that someone is really nice to me, and givves me two passses to see my God.
So, Himanshu...? Going or not? Anyone else? And even if you aren't, please please please get me a pass - please!!!

OK, now I'm going to go back andd start thanking all my posters and my guitar and my discamn, and Sony Records, and Mona for all giving me Satriani. ALL HAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Passes out, falls down the stairs, and opens eyes to poster of satriani in his room. Slowly dies of dehydration as drool starts to flow, and pseudo neurotoxins kick in.]

The Satch Has Arrived!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Women (Part II)

I know I've wirtten about this before... those of you who visited this site in its earlier stages would have read it. In case you haven't and don't wanna go through the archives searching for it, there's a link at the end of the post. Click on it. Meanwhile, I'm in the mood to do some woman bashing (sad as that sounds, and I know that I'm gonna get tons of flak for it, but I currently couldn't care less.)...

Women are the best thing to have hit the Shopping Mall, and the WORST thinng to have hit Adam, or in this case, Aveek. They're just so disgusting. Not for the first time, I've just let them take me for a ride. It's disgraceful, the things that I (and here I speak generally, for mst guys who try to be spontaneously nice, much as that sounds contradictory to my personality) am willing to overlook, the things that I am willing to do, the times I am ACTUALLY WILLING to listen to what she (again, here I speak of women in general, no specific cases - yet) has to say, or, more likely, wants from me. Its just sick, the way they manipulate.
The way they expect the world from you, and have absolutely no concern for your broken back as you get it for her. The way they expect you to deliver thee goods EACH AND EVERY TIME, but get pissed off if you ask them for a glass of water after all your work. The way they give you importance when they want something, and the way they discard you afterward. The way they think that every man was made to serve them, and the way they look and act offended when the man occasionally says no. The way they turn every situation around to ALWAYS make it look like your fault, and instead of them apologising to you, its the other way around. And during the (EXTREMELY RARE) times they do apologise, they make it look like they're doing it to stop you from losing your cool over a perfectly logical situation, where you (as usual) are the one to blame, like they're helping you or something.
What total b*tch*s.
I never will understand them, and I never want to. They s*ck. They're not worth my time. They're not worth anyone's time. and get hung by meat hooks.

(I have no clue where this is going, so I think I'll stop for the moment, and write the rest in my diary...)


Thursday, March 03, 2005

United World Colleges

How cool can today get?! I ot up in the morning, and had a fantastic breakfast, and then I went to pick up my Honda. They'd done my baby up so beautifully! They'd changed her brake discs, given her oil for the drums, and had stiffened the clutch and the steering shaft, making her as sexy as new. I never want that car sold. It still (out)performs everybody's expectations, and dad wants to sell it. Must dissuade him.
Then, in the evening, I got a letter from U.W.C. inviting me for an interview in Pune on the 16th of April!! Hallelujah!! What fun thihs is going to be! I've already made plans to drive down from Mumbai with Hrishikesh in the Opel or the Indigo. This is just so exciting!!
And finally, to top it off, I got PASSES to seee (AND MAYBE MEET!!!!!!!!) the God of Rock Himself - Mr. Mark Knopfler!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
The coolest part is that in the middle of all this I've got exams, and I don't seem to care... I seem sufficiently well prepared, so... HONDA!!!!! MARK KNOPFLER!!!!!! UNITED WORLD COLLEGES!!!!!! HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[/Euphoria and sheer exhaustion kick in at the same time, leaving me inone really wierd condition]