Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Things That I write on the Back of Letters To My Friend Ragini

After our brief meeting I guess you know
I grew quite fond of you
And somehow I get the feeling that
You grew fond of me too.

Our time was short - nay, it was nil
Yet we till kept in touch
You brought me quite some joy
So thank you very much!

But fate, it seemed, had other plans
for both you and me
And tore apart our little bond
Into Infinity.

But I, for one, do not believe
In fate or destiny
Or maybe I guess I just
Enjoyed your company!

So here I am in the mountains now
Writing you this ode
And I guess I'll just deliver it
To your comfy abode.

I do hope that you read
This little rhyme I wrote
Cause otherwise my effort could always go
Into feeding a mountain goat.

I also hope that just like me
You really feel the same
Or even if you'd not forget
Me or my name.

Speaking of which, I have to ask
In Delhi, what to do?
Cause later on I might come back
For maybe day or two.

I think its time to stop
Writing or I'll go on forever
Talking to you in inane were
That isn't very clever.

- Aveek Katiyar 25 Oct '05

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

It's finally here!!

Hey everybody! This is the third time that I am writing this, because the first two times I was either too lazy to finish writing this, or the computer lost its power before I could complete this. This, however, is going to be my last and final attempt to write my blog. Not that this is going too well, cause I’m bloody high right now, so… hehe… just kidding, dad!
Anyways, thee thing with this place is that one has got to be able to balance his life and his academics rather precisely, so as to actually do well in these quizzes that Arno (my physics teacher from the Netherlands) gives us from time to time. Now, I have been slacking away all of my time, and nothing much seems to have happened to me. It’s a bit strange, actually. Not that I am complaining. The thing is, I now have so much free time and have absolutely no idea what to do with it. I haunt Wada 4, house 9 and 11. Which has led people to the conclusion that I have a teensy weensy crush on someone in the house. Not to say that it isn’t true, but that’s not the real reason that I’m in that house. I really like the people there, and I like to spend time with ALL of them, not just that One.
But now that that issue has been solved, lets move on.
I am sitting next to the hottest girl on campus and writing this particular paragraph. Which implies that I am on a laptop – "What laptop?" You ask? Well, it’s an iBook G4!!! That’s what it is!! Yeah!! Now there’s this insane problem that I have (yes, this is a blog entry mainly about problems and how I deal with them – or don’t.) – is that i know way too many people here, and it’s just that I don’t seem to have enough close friends here. Actually I do, but I don’t feel entirely secure about this stuff. Thing is, if Annabelle stops being so close to me anytime, I feel that I will be a bit hit. I have become rather attached to that girl. She is an absolutely wonderful person, is always there to talk to, and I always feel easy and calm around her. Also Chris, who I am planning to room with next year.
Another thing that I have to do is mail my parents and my sister, who have been missing me! For real!! This is soooooo cool! I never thought that was possible… hehe… however, I am way too lazy to haul my ass from my Wada to the AQ and to sit there and write a mail to the three of them, so… so guess that this blog will have to do.
Mum, dad, Mithila, if you guys come across this, consider this your letter:
Hey guys!! Wassup?? Things here are going great, as usual. I am actually managing to manage (haha!! Sorry, I just thought that was funny…) my time here. And hence, things are actually going more smoothly again. I have stopped bunking my classes, and have found that my time table is pretty cool after all, and have made peace with getting up at 7:00 four times a week and hauling my as to the 1st block I have. Of all the subjects, I think that Spanish is the coolest, followed by psych and then Physics (yeas, you heard that right, I LOVE PHYSICS!!!!!). The thing with the physics class is that I have got the coolest teacher that there is, and the class is pretty much a self-taught class. He goes too fast for anyone to figure out what the hell is going on, but he heaps us with homework, and if you do it (which I have never quite managed just yet) you will be able to solve all the problems that he gives you. However, I still get away with everything I do over there. It kinda reminds me of the class with Mrs. Benjamin, where I’d walk in and diss Arjun for the entire class. Here I walk in ten minutes late, sit down in the middle of an important explanation, and say, “Hi Arno!” loudly. And what does he respond with? He looks at me, puts the marker down, bursts into a little chuckle and says, “Hello, Aveek…” and then proceeds to explain the problem as if nothing happened. Then, I ask for my quiz, and it turns out that I beat Rohan (who is the class genius) again, and he was really bitter about it. So he rechecks my marks, and turns out that Arno has given me a mark too many. So just to piss Rohan off 9 (and to see what my luck is like) I told Arno that I had one mark less than he’d given me, and so, for being so honest, could I have one mark more? And HE GAVE IT TO ME!!!!!!! And that pissed Rohan off even more!! For the rest of the class he was cursing me under his breath. And hen I started drawing cars, and I did nothing for the rest off class, and had so much fun, and Arno had no problem with me what so ever!! Hah!! So awesome!!
Well, that’s it for the time being – I’m in my English class, and I have some work to do right now, so… I’ll catch you guys in a bit. And I promise to finish the rest of this the next time ‘round…

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Taken A Gamble

I finally got p*ss*d off with work at the garage.


Well, the thing was that I just got absolutely no new ideas, no new procedures, no nothing from there, except taking the cars out every morning and parking them (a total movement behind the wheel of 10 meters each). The only thing tat kept me going there for a couple of weeks was the awesome sound of the twin exhausts of the Volkswagen Beetle, more commonly known as the Bug. That, and the cheery (and somewhat mad-cap) conversations I'd have with the mechanics there... It was an interesting experience the first time around, but this was O.D.ing on the stuff, so I gave up on it.

Just as I thought life will become interesting with all the free time on my hands (3 weeks) dad drops a bomb-shell on me... Damned again!! He told me that he was talking to Anu - a friend and colleague of his from his days at Indya.com, when we first shifted here - and she needed some help with some desk work at her newly set-up office. While all this was fine, he, uh, "quietly", dropped my name and general joblessness into the conversation, and so she said "Why don't you send him over to work for me? That way he can use his 3 weeks".
I really don't mind, but I wanna be with my friends, who are, of course, jobless till next weekend. I've taken a gamble, saying that in a week, everyone will be coming back at the same time as me, so I may as well go for work. Thing is, I realized yesterday (which was my first day at work, by the way) that while we can all meet up in the evenings, I have a HUGE friend network who I gotta say bye to in this city, and even though the job is 5 days a week, I wanna meet Diya during the weekends, so I have no time left to meet everyone else at all... Bummer.
So here's my battle plan - for 2 outta the 3 weeks I'm gonna work my butt off, show Anu that I'm a great worker and I will finish whatever work she assigns to me (the very nature of which, everyone knows, is utterly boring, but it cant be helped, I guess...) and hence (I hope) will make her say YES quite easily when I ask her if I can take the last week off to meet my friends an all. If necessary, I'll even take some work home and finish it. That's the price that I'm willing to pay to properly say bye to certain people. I'm crazy. Don't ever hire me...!!! OK, I'm kidding. Please do hire me when I need a job, money, a place to stay, a feeling of belonging, and all that jazz.

So there's my gamble. Just gotta see if it really works out. Feel free to guide/cajole/correct/destroy my thoughts and strategies.

Oh, and if you post, do leave your name so I can thank/curse you, depending on the final outcome of the situation.
Till then, I look forward to your views on my super-complex-yet-simple life...!!

Monday, July 11, 2005

A Collection of Random Thoughts, Limerick Style

My creative juices won't flow
My originality valve says 'no-go'
But my hand still quivers
It shakes and shivers
To write creatively once more.

I'm looking all around me
For something to inspire or confound me
But all I see
Is mediocrity
And a picture of some old Swami.

I don' know what sense this'll make
But Jesus, gimme a break
Cause all I want
Is to quietly flaunt
My genius and hence earn some cake!

I see a Prancing Horse on the table
To stitch it, I know I am able
But the irony within
Is I support McLaren
So why stitch one from Ferrari's stable??

Dad got me mints a-plenty
I counted - I got more than twenty
So I had my fill
And gobble 'em up till
The boxes were all but empty.

I heard a car driving too fast
And I thought to myself,"Blast!
If only these fools
Could stick to some rules
They'd not die before their time was past.

My mum here has got no mention
So this one demands your attention
As her thoughts overflow
With bread, pastries, and sourdough
Ah, what to make? There's HER tension.

My (bitter)sweet sister, too
Has been forgotten, I'm sure, by you
But I still believe
That you must not grieve
Over a silly mistake or a few.

Where is the tunnels-end light?
Will I come into the night?
I wonder which way
I should now foray
Should I flee or should I fight?

This nonsense to you must be jarring
To the uninitiated, even scarring
So I essay
To stop right away
This limerical poem that was starring:
ME!! My Dad!! My Mum! My Sister!! Mints!!

- Aveek Katiyar 10:05 PM
11 July '05

Friday, July 01, 2005


Dormant. Yes, that is what this blog has become. I am hoping to change that in a bit, but until then, well...

Reason: I've been grounded till I go to M-UWC-I, so I ahve no access to the computer. My friend is posting this for me... I ahve asked her to type this, so dad if you're reading this, NO, I did not illegally get on the net, ok??

Will try to update in a bit. See you guys around!!

Saturday, June 04, 2005


I grew up in a land far away
Where it was hot and always day.
We had two suns – one here, one there
That illuminated our planet everywhere.
But our Krypton was dying fast
And we had long since seen the last
Of our peaceful lives;
Our husbands, children, friends and wives
As everyday we could feel
The ground no more on even keel.
Earthquakes in plenty were felt
Lives were lost, and many lost their wealth
As buildings, cars, and planes were taken
By the surface which was a-breakin'
And so one fine man with money plenty
Went down to his basement, which was empty
Except for one large box,
Large enough to hold a fox
And took from it a cylinder slender
And over a year he took to mend her.

For he was a powerful man
A scientist of the Yakooboo clan
And was aspiring to be a family man.
The year before, he was inspired
(By the first tremors ever fired)
to go home and see his wife
to give up work for family life.
But he knew his world would pass
Before he had breathed his last,
Gone west, KAPLOW!
And he thought, "Wow!
What if I'm still there
When this planet gives us the scare
Of our lives by blowing up?
Will my kids be safe from the rut?"
And so it was that he made
A cylinder shaped ship made out of jade
And rubies and diamonds and such
But it really couldn't fit in much
Except a child or two
But he thought that space for one should do.

And so it was that one fine day
That he became a dad in the Year of the Lay
And just a month had passed
Before the tragedy came at last.
At semi-dusk, after a fine sunny day
The ground finally fell away
"This is the end!!' he thought.
So quickly he went down and got
The spaceship, all glittering green
And put in his son, serene,
Because the child knew not
Into what he had just got
And to save him from fate's horrible berth,
His dad sent him to planet Earth.

The ship went rocketing into the sky
Its tail bidding the doomed planet goodbye
For the instant they were out of sight,
The planet blew up with all its might.
But the little boy, he went on
Full of life, though his world was gone.
And a month or so down the line
While everything was going fine
In a small town in southern Cal.
A wife (whose husbands name was Hal)
Chanced to see a shooting star
Fall from the sky next to her car.
"Hal!!" she screamed, terrified,
"Oh my god! I nearly died!
For had I been at that spot
A second ago I should have been shot
By that bullet of tremendous size –
Hey! Wait, do I see eyes
Hidden in that smooth, hard shell?
Let's go see if the thing is well."
And so they walked fast
To the green object the sky had cast
Upon their yard that very night
Thrown at Earth with Krypton's might.

"Open it! Open it quick!"
her voice was calm, her tone was slick.
With anticipation in their eyes
They pressed buttons of the largest size
Till they heard a loud 'POP'
And when they looked at its top
What should they see?
A gurgling, squirming baby!
"He's so tall! Look at his eyes!"
"Oh my god! Jesus Christ!"
"Thank you for this blessing, O One above!
We shall give him all our love!"
"But look, he came from the stars!"
"No matter! Now he is ours!"
"Oh Hal! What shall we name the lad?
Henry, Michael, Steven, maybe Jad?"
To which Hal replied with ease
"Clarke Kent his name will be."
And so it was that the couple fair
Got a child, from God knows where.

Clarke's life in school was fun;
He got to play and run
All across the grounds everyday,
Clarke Kent was here to stay!
He always did well in class
And answered only when asked.
On the track he was a sight
He overcame obstacles with his superior might
He could jump higher and run faster
He could even hold up the P.T. master!
His strength was his, a trait
Of Clarke Kent's physical state.
So for many years life went swell
Everything was good, his family well.
Then one day he felt a change
In his already potent range
Of ammo, guns and the like
Of great hearing and amazing sight.
He heard everything in the hall
And he could see through the wall
He could jump high as a pole
If anything moved
Be it a leg or a hoof
Well, he could sense it all.
All this he confided in his best friend Kate
[Who, incidentally, was his date]
That night at dinner, when
He heard a crash and then
Some people screaming so he ran
To the upturned, blazing van
And ripped open the door and went in
To the fierce, scorching din
And burst out with husband and wife,
Both in his arms, both very much alive.
Yet he, amazingly enough,
Wasn't even hurt by the boiling stuff.

By this time Kate arrived on the spot
"Goodness gracious me!" she thought
"My dear Clarke! You're still alive!
And you saved both husband and his wife!
But what is this? You are unburnt
By that flaming van upturned!
And how did you get here so fast
And jump over that five-storey cliff and last
Out without breaking a shoulder
Even though you landed on this hard boulder?"
Clarke thought for a while
And then he said with a smile
"It must have been the Calcium C
that my mother gave me
that enabled me to take a leap
from so high up upon this heap.
But I don't feel normal, I don't feel fine.
I'm going to ask dad if he's truly mine
Because these traits do not show
In mom, dad or my bro.
I know there's something here not right
I don't need fantastic sight
I'm sure not everything does indeed fit
But Kate! Come, lets eat a bit
For I am famished, and hungry too!
And I was thinking, are not you?"
At the end of dinner he asked her out
And she said "Yes! Without a doubt!
Where shall we go next time we meet?
Must we go somewhere to eat?
I wish to see the stars and moon
And orchids and roses in full bloom."
To this he said "I know a place
Where we can gaze and gaze at outer space.
A little field behind my home
Where we can both be alone
And I was wondering if - "
"Shhh! There's my older brother Biff!
He really hates you
And all the things that you do.
Why don't you drop me now
And I'll get home somehow."

And so it was that after dinner,
Clarke felt like a real winner.
He had a girl, he had a life
And he saved that husband and wife.
And now in the nights later hours,
He wanted to know how he got those powers
So he asked his dad
"Why can I se through the wall?
Why can I hear everything in the hall?
That I can jump high as a pole
That I achieve all my goals?"
To which his father softly said
[Because he was sick in bed]
"Ah Clarke, you're old enough now
To know when and why and where and how
You came from the stars unseen
In a spaceship glittering green.
You know that box in the garage
Saying '1974 in March'?
That box holds your ship
And a clip we found at your hip.
We took you in from the stars
As though you were one of ours."
And then he proceeded to extract
A chip colored silver and black.
Clarke took the chip in his hand
[It was stretchy like a rubber-band]
And planet Krypton materialized
Right there in front of his eyes.
And then he saw a man just like him
Say "Hello son, I'm last of kin.
In fact, I'm you're dad,
And I know you think you're going mad
But listen give me some time
And then everything will be fine.
You were my only child and I
Wanted to save you even if I died.
So I sent you to Planet Earth
Whose sun's enormous girth
Would give you powers that no man
Could ever have had, or ever can.
Use these powers well my boy
For they are no ordinary toy
These powers you must not waste
Use them to good taste
I know you will, because you are wise
I could see it in your month-old eyes
Good-bye my son! Miss you, we shall - "
At which point father Hal
Said "Oh me! Oh my!
You Kryptonites can fly!"
Clarke did not believe his dad –
Which was rather sad –
Because daddy did point out a fact…
But now it was time for Clarke to act.
He set off at a sprint towards the mill
Just beyond the very next hill
And when he reached the fall
He jumped, and didn't come back down at all.
"Oh my god! I'm flying! Its true!
Dearest father! Thank you! Thank you!
I shall use my powers well
To save the good, and send the rest to Hell!"
And with that, Clarke flew away
And has not returned till this day
Leaving his belongings unfurled
Along with a ship from another world.

Clarke Kent by day, Superman by night
Does his very best to fight
All who do not heed law today
In a country called the U.S.A.
His superior hearing, his ability to fly
His power to fry you with his naked eye
Shoplifters and terrorists alike
Are no match for his super-human might
The cities guardian angel is he
Buzzing around, busy as a bee.
There is no crime he cannot stop
He is the ultimate super-cop.
Upon crime he has a hex
He wears 'Chaddies' over his spandex!
He can stop a plane and sink a ship
He can carry the world on his hip

Should there be a crime
My name they call
I'm 'Superman' to one and all.

- Aveek Katiyar

Monday, May 09, 2005

The Return Of The Silver Arrows

No, I'm not talking about some new fad in amazon warfare. I'm talking about West McLaren Mercedes, Kimi Raikkonen, and his mind-blowing pace.
The Spanish circuit (Circuit De Catalunya) saw the comeback of formula-1 giants McLaren-Mercedes - something that wasw coming for some time qith the super-competitive pace of the new McLaren of 2005 from the beginning of the season. Kimi Raikkonen stormed through the length of the 4.62 Km track to come third in the first qualifying session, and then took to the track yet another scorcher during second qualifying to gain pole position, while team-mate Juan Pablo Montoya could only get a mere 7th, though still ahead of the two struggling Ferrraris of Michael Schumacher(8th) and Ruben Barrichello(16th).
As the five red lights went out to start the Spanish Grand Prix, Kimi got of to (yet another) flying start, pulling away from title leader and second-placed Fernando Alonso by a second in the first lap. Kimi leads The Pack

But this wasn't just a one flying lap by Kimi - he kept this blistering pace up through the entire race, moving a second aa lap quicker than Fernando, and two seconds quicker than almost everyone else. His McLaren team-mate JPM, however, had a very interesting race, spinning most mysteriously through turns 7 and 8 but making a fantastic recovery and proceeding to pretend nothing happened at all.
By the first round of pit-stops, Kimi was 26 seconds in fromt of Alonso, which got him into andd out of the pits still ahead of him, though only just. However, Alonso still had to stop for fuel, so Kimi was under no real threat.
By about lap 35 Kimi lapped a most stubborn Barrichello, who almost refused to move over when the Silver Arrow of the Finn shot by him:Kimi Storms Past Barrichello

The other Ferrari had absolutely no luck either, with reigning world champion Michael Schumacher, who was fighting for 8th place with McLaren's JPM, was exiting the pits just as the two Mclarens of JPM and Kimi Raikkonen respectively bored down on the Scuderia Ferrari, Kimi lapping JPM and in the proscess cutting off Schumachers exit, giving JPM the advantage by lettting him follow just behind his team-mate to get the btter of Schumi. Michael was finally beginnig to look good, when he suddenly had to pit for a deflated rear tyre. Things got no better for hime either, as on his outlap while on a quick right hander his front-left Bridgestone also deflated, throing the front of his car into the gravel and severely damaging the under-carraige and the side pods of his Ferrari.Schu Bites the Dust The German ace limped back to the pits to retire shortly afterwards.
By the second round of pit-stops around lap 49, Kimi Raikkonen had stapmed his authority allover the Catalan circuit and over all the cars and their drivers. The last time McLaren had won here was thee hands of another Fying Finn - Mika Hakkinen - and Kimi has kept the Finnish flag flying high.
Kimi has earned his Champagne, and may he win every race there is. All hail the next world-champion!!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

All For This One Moment


Does this picture remind you of someone? Does that smile remind you of someone? Does that bring back a memory?
Sure does.

I found this picture at the Inner Ring Road junction, at Koramangalal. Its an advert. for Lufthansa Airlines, which goes like this:

"Flying from 5 Metros in India, with the best connectionss to anywhere in the world.

All for this one moment."

Somehow, the picture reminded me so much of Mona. It really did. I miss her, and I miss her hug. So much. I couldn't get the picture out of my head, so I went and took a few pictures of it today, and showed them to my mum. She, without any suggestion, also identified it as a reminder of Mona. Its the smile. Its taht unforgettable, wonderful smile of hers that once you've seen, you cannot forget. Everytime I think of it, a smile creeps into my expression. And stays there. So, its not just my torn memory thats getting the better of me after all.

All I want is that one moment. Just once more, to be with her, to talk to her, to tell her how much I miss her still, and how much I love her still. I'll give anything for this one moment. All for this one moment.

Friday, April 01, 2005

The Garage

From the beginning of the week before last, I (finally) got my holidays. And the first thing that I did was applied to Valley school, so that even if I didn't get into MUWCI (Mahindra United World College, India) I'd not have to go back to Deeksha. Phew... That took a lot off my mind.
So the next logical thing to do is - SLEEP!!!!! Ok, apart from that little indulgance, I decided to go and work the length of my holidays in a garage as an apprentice to a mechanic. So I went to this place in Koramangala caled R.A.C (Ranjith Autocare Centre) to who I used to give my car to for minor fixes. I knew the guy pretty well, so he said "OK, you come at 9, leave at 5, six days a week." Which I was perfectly fine with. So, now I'm working at a garage intead of doing whatever I want to during my holidays. Actually, I'm doing just what I want - I'm learning quite efficiently about cars, by actually taking them apart by hand, examining them, modifying them, and putting 'em back together.
Over the past week, I've been working on a Zen which has been completey stripped of its parts, leaving just a metal body in place. When I started working on it, the engine block had already been removed, and I got to work on modifying an Esteem engine that we were going to transplant onto the Zen. I Checked the piston timing, cleaned the heads, adjusted the fuel injectors. Then we went about boring the engine out, giving us 0.2L more space to burn fuel, hence increasing the output by about 4 bhp. The next part was placing the engine in the (slightly) smaller engine bay of the Zen. Luckily it was all the same company (Suzuki) os there was not too many areas where a new hole had to be drilled to fit the engine. Now its not easy to fix the engine back and all, cause its pretty darned heavy, so we put it on a wheeled tray, and then raised the whole body of the car over it (using a hydraulic lift), and then lowered the body over it when it was in place.
Then we were under the car on mats, fixing the various screws into the cars body, securing the engine as tightly and snugly as we could. The tools are quite marvelous - necessity is the mother of invention after all. One thing that struck me as odd (and even when I think about it now, it feels a bit strange even though it is sorta DUH..) was the fact that the engine was attached by normal, ordinary nuts and bolts. I know that to someone who's not interested, you may think that I'm a tottal idiot, but when I thought about it, I always took for granted that the engine qould just be there. It never struck me that it was actually attached by normal screws. Anyways...
Next, we took the suspension apart, and stiffined it. We took the springs out, put in Esteem springs, and are planning to replace them with Koni springs (which, by the way, are THE BEST springs on the planet). Then we adjusted the vacuum tubes that help make up the shock absorber system, increasing them ever so slightly to make the suspension harder. There's a lot of welding to be done as well, which I didn't do. However we finally adjusted the height of the springs, and the suspension was much better equipped.
Then we took apart the steering section and worked on it. The last chap who used the car had ripped his rack and pinion system apart - it was all dented and bumpy and bruised, and the rubber boots were all worn out. We took the whole thing apart - it looks easy, but trust me, its not. We basically had to take apart four rods from three shafts, but they were so tightly placed togetther, it took us a total of three hours non-stop work just to take it apart and find the rods amongst the grime. Then we went about cleaning the rods, shafts, and fixtures - another hours worth of work - and after we'd finished it we realised that it was ruined. So then we waited a few more hours after ordering the parts from the Maruti/Suzuki showroom, and went about fixing the entire system up from scratch. It all required so much grease, I thought that I'd puke if I saw anymore for the rest of the day. Finally we got it working again, and we've left it to 'set', so to speak. We'll fix it back tomorrow.
The next thing that we've done is changed the wheel support system. Instead of keeping the Zen's system, we put in an Esteem one, which has a stronger support base, and has better performance brakes. Again, luckily we were transplanting parts from the same manufacturer, so there was minimal 'friction' between the transplanted parts and their corresponding slots. The Esteem has much larger disc brakes, which help decresae the braking distance, and making the car a safer package. We were going to put Brembo Brake Discs, but realised that we didn't have the money (about 20 grand... ouch.), and so stuck to brand new Esteem brakes (also freshly ordered from the factory).
We've also designed Headers and a new manifold for the car's engine. On top of the Esteems standard fuel injection system, we've taken apart the standard injector plate, and we've fabricated a much thicker metal plate as a support replacement and fixed it on. Then we fabricated bent pipes that we cut and welded onto the manifold plate. These tubes (which have a pretty decent diameter) pump fueel inot the engine, and we've made them arch over the mainframe of the engine, making it look like one of them American muscle-cars of yore, with the piping protruding from the bonnet like twin snakes rearing up for a viscious sting to the engine. Then, we custom made a free-flow exhaust system, making the exhaust tubes of equal length so tthat there's enough back-pressure on the engine, which increases the bhp of the car by about 5-6 bhp. We're still working on that particular aspect of the engine setup, as we are unable to fabricate the rest of the tube that leads upto the muffler.
I finally figured out EXACTLY how the famous Turbo-Charger works on a car. Basically it starts off at the exhaust pipe, using the presssure of the expelled gases to turn a turbine, which turns another turbine in another container, which sucks in COLD air and feeds it to the engine, which adds to the fueel/air mixture richness, making a more powerful engine. It can be made to work between a specific RPM (Revolutions Per Minute - The little meter beside the speeedometer on the display that says'1,2,3,4,5,6 x1000' on the instrument display in the cockpit of the car...) range, adding to the rate of increase of the acceleration of the car in that range. So when you hear that a car has a Twin-Turbo, it just means that there are 2 Turbo systems that kick in at different times, hance increasing the accceleration over two ranges of RPM, making the car even quicker.
Some total F*&ker has a Turbo-Charged Honda City over here. That thing is going to be a rocket.

This guy Ranjith is one of the best rally drivers in Bangalore, and he's a professsional tuner, so people come to him to do their cars up - engine mods, I mean. There's this group of car-crazy friends who come to him to modify their cars - 2 Cielos, a Honda City V-Tec(God), a Palio 1.6 GTX(God/s younger brother), and one more car that I haven't seen yet. I've made friends with them, and they are just nuts. They've spent ver 2 Lakhs EACH on their cars to extract the maximum perdormance from them. In my opinion, the guy in the City V-tec is the luckiest. He's got Free-Flow, K'n N Filters, Headers, the works on his V-TEC, which will eat anything alive even in its stock form.

Here is the cool part though. The Zen that we're working on? Ranjiths partner Sanjay is heading the operation. He knows I'm inoto design and all, so he asked me to design a front for the Zen. He wanted it done in a specific way:

1. A hood scoop for air for the injector pipes.
2. A new bumper.
3. No grille on the front, and the bumper muct slope up to the bonnet, not a 90* flat vertical line. It must look angled like a Camaro's bumper.
4. No other modifications - no skirts either, so I must work with the current dimentions of the Zen. Ouch.

So I drew him a concept with what he wanted - it isn't completely to my liking, as I think that it would look much, much better with skirts. But he has a good reason for not adding skirts or frills - weight reduction. Taking off everything in the car makes it go even faster, so the less on the car, the quicker it will be. He wants to Drag Race andStreet race this car, so He's oin to lower the car by about 2 inches, making it lower than the Honda City (Which is suicide for the bottom, so he's got a thin metal sheet under the entire car to protect the undercarraige) and hence making it more stable. Here's the drawing - He actually said that he'd build it!!! HOW COOL!!! I'm not even 18, and I got one desing under my belt!!!!! :-D

Zen - Modded

Friday, March 18, 2005

The Satch Has Arrived!

For anyone who knows who The Satch is, well, there's the whole post in the title, essentially. For those of you who don't:

Satch = Joe Satriani, and his god given ability to twist those strings of that awesome guitar of his. Looks like all my ranting and raving of 'Satriani must come here' and 'Satriani = God' and everything else that I must have subjected everyone to finally came to something!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!!! He is playing at Calcutta, Mumbai, and Bangalore. The dates:

1. 14th May 05 at MMRDA Grounds Bombay

2. 15th May 05 at Salt Lake City Grounds Calcutta

3. 17th May 05 at Palace Grounds Bangalore

I'm gonna start praying that someone is really nice to me, and givves me two passses to see my God.
So, Himanshu...? Going or not? Anyone else? And even if you aren't, please please please get me a pass - please!!!

OK, now I'm going to go back andd start thanking all my posters and my guitar and my discamn, and Sony Records, and Mona for all giving me Satriani. ALL HAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Passes out, falls down the stairs, and opens eyes to poster of satriani in his room. Slowly dies of dehydration as drool starts to flow, and pseudo neurotoxins kick in.]

The Satch Has Arrived!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Women (Part II)

I know I've wirtten about this before... those of you who visited this site in its earlier stages would have read it. In case you haven't and don't wanna go through the archives searching for it, there's a link at the end of the post. Click on it. Meanwhile, I'm in the mood to do some woman bashing (sad as that sounds, and I know that I'm gonna get tons of flak for it, but I currently couldn't care less.)...

Women are the best thing to have hit the Shopping Mall, and the WORST thinng to have hit Adam, or in this case, Aveek. They're just so disgusting. Not for the first time, I've just let them take me for a ride. It's disgraceful, the things that I (and here I speak generally, for mst guys who try to be spontaneously nice, much as that sounds contradictory to my personality) am willing to overlook, the things that I am willing to do, the times I am ACTUALLY WILLING to listen to what she (again, here I speak of women in general, no specific cases - yet) has to say, or, more likely, wants from me. Its just sick, the way they manipulate.
The way they expect the world from you, and have absolutely no concern for your broken back as you get it for her. The way they expect you to deliver thee goods EACH AND EVERY TIME, but get pissed off if you ask them for a glass of water after all your work. The way they give you importance when they want something, and the way they discard you afterward. The way they think that every man was made to serve them, and the way they look and act offended when the man occasionally says no. The way they turn every situation around to ALWAYS make it look like your fault, and instead of them apologising to you, its the other way around. And during the (EXTREMELY RARE) times they do apologise, they make it look like they're doing it to stop you from losing your cool over a perfectly logical situation, where you (as usual) are the one to blame, like they're helping you or something.
What total b*tch*s.
I never will understand them, and I never want to. They s*ck. They're not worth my time. They're not worth anyone's time. and get hung by meat hooks.

(I have no clue where this is going, so I think I'll stop for the moment, and write the rest in my diary...)


Thursday, March 03, 2005

United World Colleges

How cool can today get?! I ot up in the morning, and had a fantastic breakfast, and then I went to pick up my Honda. They'd done my baby up so beautifully! They'd changed her brake discs, given her oil for the drums, and had stiffened the clutch and the steering shaft, making her as sexy as new. I never want that car sold. It still (out)performs everybody's expectations, and dad wants to sell it. Must dissuade him.
Then, in the evening, I got a letter from U.W.C. inviting me for an interview in Pune on the 16th of April!! Hallelujah!! What fun thihs is going to be! I've already made plans to drive down from Mumbai with Hrishikesh in the Opel or the Indigo. This is just so exciting!!
And finally, to top it off, I got PASSES to seee (AND MAYBE MEET!!!!!!!!) the God of Rock Himself - Mr. Mark Knopfler!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
The coolest part is that in the middle of all this I've got exams, and I don't seem to care... I seem sufficiently well prepared, so... HONDA!!!!! MARK KNOPFLER!!!!!! UNITED WORLD COLLEGES!!!!!! HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[/Euphoria and sheer exhaustion kick in at the same time, leaving me inone really wierd condition]

Monday, February 28, 2005

Dire Straits - Money For Something

Yeah, money for something, and it better be good. But then again, its Mark Knopfler that we're talking bout, so it can't be anything below awesome.Its less than three days before my exmas start, and I'm still to start preapring. I have become the laziest person on the planet, and I'm too lazy to fix it. Instead of focusing on my exams, I'm trying my very best to get two tickets for the Mark Knopfler concert - not that anyone car completely blame me for wanting to see God himself!

I took back my criticism on Sting, but I have none for Mr. Knopfler. I hope I will not have any reasons to have any. As far as I - not to mention almost every guitar-playing/observing fan on this planet - am concerned, the only thing that he can do wrong is play studio recordings of his music. This is one artiste whose best performances are Live. Has anyone heard Alchemy? He played Live, and all the songs are like liquid tension (Speaking of which, there was a band called Liquid Tension Experiment. Alternative Hard Rock. Very good if you're into serious Rock and all. I can get you a CD if you're really interested.).
The sound from that strat was enrapturing. It was like sipping Vodka in the Carribean, with these hundreds of servants attending to you on your personal beach alongside you're 200-acre mansion. The only thing different was that the sea, instead of being green, was elctric blue, and pulsating, and each wave would rise, soar, and fall in the wake of another one, in the most beautiful pattern ever.
He would be mad to not play like that here, or for that matter, anywhere. Even if just to show what he's capable of, for those poor sould who don't know already. He must play Hard Rock. He mut play Sultans Of Swin the way I've heard it, the way everyone should hear it. They must realise that it IS possible to better yor studio recordings by 1000%, and to change the song from cool, laid-back, almost jazzy to electric, divine sound that WILL take you to a better place.

I'm waiting...

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Mystical Potato-Head Groove

This one starts off as a poem written by me. I mailed it to Aasimah, and then we've been at it for a few days, talking only in rhymes. I've put up the subsequent replies to this as a comment, so if you want to read what we have written, or just post a comment of your own, please click the comments link.

Wiggle your ears
Bring out some tears
Shake and make your whole head move!
Grin till you frown
And hang upside-down
Lets do the mystical potato-head groove!

Put on some pop
Take off your top
Dance till your legs give way!
Chew lots of ice
Feed all the mice
Thats the mystical potato-head way!

Run up and dowwn
Through the length of the town
Once you're done, do it all over again!
Get a TV
And a couch, both for free
And be like mystical potato-head men!

Eat your heart out
Keep your dog out
Be as mean as you can!
Drive fast cars
But never drink in the bars
Act like a mystical potato-head fan!

Flunk your exams
Get a scary result!
Make a lightening scar
And be happy that you are
Finally part of the mystical potato-head cult!

The things you must do
That just are not you
To keep yourself with the 'in' crowd
You know they're artificial
And they know it too
So prey, why are you so loud?

Just be who you are
Reset the bar
Stop being something pseudo!
Tell 'em just what you think
Or put it down in ink
Andd get back to playing Ludo.

So, what would you like to do?

Snort through your nose
Bathe with the hose
Pretend you're part of Star Trek's crew?
Have smelly underwear
Or cut your own hair
And do whatever you want to do?

Or would you rather wiggle your ears
Bring out some tears
Shake and make your whole head move?
Grin till you frown
And hang upside-down
And do the mystical potato-head groove?

You decide...

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Live!!LIVE!!LIVE!! And Coming To A City Near You! - Follow Up I (Sting)

OK, I take it all back... every little bit of critisicm towards Sting. The man is brilliant. He's a legend in his own lunchtime!

I went to his concert yesterday, after much running around to sell my last 2-grand ticket... but still, I enjoyed the concert completely and fully. He(Sting) layed all his favorite songs - ranging from Brand New Day, Fields Of Gold, and Sacred Love to Roxanne, Fragile, and Every Breath You Take. He is fantastic. There is no other word for the man. While others have had thier 15 seconds of fame, this man has lived on, straight from when my dad was as old as me to GenX, and has kept producing exquisite sound. Wave after wave of music, blending in perfectly with the previous note, seemingly chaotic, but fluid and purposeful. All his songs were captivating. His Bass Guitar was ripping the place apart, and his stunning vocals melted through the matter of my mind. That man is like wine - he just gets better and better with age.
His entire stage presence wasn't one of the rock idol, but rather that of the smooth operator, who knew exactly what he was doing, and injecting that little bit of electricity here and there. His entire laid-back yet powerful attidute was quite a change from what Bangalore is used to - what with the likes of The Rolling Stones, Roger Waters, and Deep Purple all oozing that adrenaline rush through to everyone.

Now for thee only glitch in the entire concert (Yes Sneha, there always is) - his first song, Brand New Day, started off quite well with the whole guitar riff thing. Then he sang:
How many of you people out there
Been hurt in some kind of love affair
How many tibes you be ab bo ba bop again?

Yes. He lost the line. Completely. But, Sting being Sting, he just went on with the 'Be Bo Ba Ba-Doum' and made it sound so natural, like it was part of the original song. Only if you caught it and looked at his face would you notice the slight grimace on his face at the end of the line. None-the-less, 10 points to him for his cover-up. Well done.

And here come the plus-points:
All his songs were perfect. He didn't try too many stunts on stage, and stuck to the original tune of each andd every song. If you've ever heard his 'All This Time' album, you'll understand the relief I experienced. Roxanne, the song that should never be altered, never was. It was perfect. He stretched it, but in a nice sorta way, not in a 'personal touch' disaster way.
He played Fields Of Gold perfectly. I (along with the rest of the crowd) loved it. And he loved singing it too. You could see it on his face, and hear it in his voice.
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic. Should be altered to Every Little Thing He Does Is Magic. It is. The man is a genius.

Sneha, you're absolutely right. He is a fantastic performer. I take back absolutely anything bad that I ever said about him. He is right back on his pedestal as one of my all-time musical Idols.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

How Genuine-Imitation Can You Get?

Ford Escort Cosworth

Ferrari F40 cone

Ever seen these sidey shops that sell 'genuine-imitation' leather? Or those places that offer you the original replica of a watch at a subsidised price? What the heck is that supposed to mean? Is it genuine leater and an imitation of a design, or is it fake leather, and a genuine design? and if it's an original, why is it a replica? Or if it's a replica, does it matter who made it? It's still going to be a copy(This is a little more debatable than it might look...)
On the saubject of replication, imitation, and other such topics, take a look at the shot of the car - its a Ford RS Cosworth. The shot was taken in Palm Meadows, where I live. This is a 1:24 scale model (Which means 1/24 times the size of the real thing) that's about 5 years old, and extremely worn. Tell me how real it looks...
5 Stars - Genuine.
4 Stars - Genuine Imitation.
3 Stars - Original Replica.
2 Stars - Imitaiton Replica.
1 Star - Cheap, Badly Animated Photo.
No Star - Just plain worthless.

P.S. I'm uploading a Ferrari F40 (In my opinion, the best lookibg and performing - in its era - ferrari ever. Another Model car.). Same rating pattern. Tell me what you think.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Ban America! And Prince Harry Is Perfectly Fine Too...

The entire debate bout the Americans being all scandalised by the Olympic opening ceremony is such garbage. I mean, what te hell? It's the Americans that are SOOOO obsessed with sex, nudity and porn - and rather openly too - and then they go about pretending to be scandalised by the display of what was not intended to be vulgar, but a display of culture. From when did America become the governing body on what is unsuitable for viewing, and who gave them the right to decide anything?
Who says they have the authority to impose their ideals on everyone as they please? If you ask me, Americans are the biggest hypocrites on the planet. They are always sticking thies over-size noses into everyone's business, trying to act like big-brother, and more often thatn not end up making a hash of things - which they then try to justify by fighting a war with Iraq, a country who never did anything to them, had no WMDs, had no citizen who violated any regulations, except maybe the one that (doesn't) state that ony Americans get equal - if not more than equal - rights, an that the rest are subject to the opinion of some racist, sexist pigs.
The 'controversy' about the Olympics was just another dot in the mega-pixel page of this American intrusion to other peoples, cultures, and civilizations customs. If they buy the Pirelli calendar every year (it is one of the highest selling calendars in the States) and find it most fitting in their living rooms, bed-rooms, and bathrooms, I do not see how they can call a culture's customs vulgar, and in ill taste. After all, they hang 'Art' in thier homes, but are disgusted by the 'unfit' images they see by anthing that does not have 'Pirelli' written under it.

And about the Swastika. I saw absolutely nothing wrong in what Prince Harry did. It was a 'historical' party, and was the Swastika a huge part of history - in whichever way? Wearing it doessn't mean you support it, it just means it's your choice of costume, to look like a major historical figure. After all, thats what the whoe party was about. It's like the Hilfiger Debate, it's just in a slightly different context. Instead of saying that his clothes were designed on a caucasian platform, Prince Harry chose his wardrobe to imitate an easily identifiable historical symbol. Were there any reglations saying please do not wear anything that may offend? And even if they were unsaid, then what was the point of wearing any thing historical? I'm sure everyone has something agains't someone or the other. Iff someone dressed up like Noah, then someone would get all fired up and argue that by dressing up as Noah, they were suggesting that civilization were founded in Europe. Or if someone dressed up as Moses, that they were sugesting that Egyptian civilization was the leading civilization at that time. Or if someone dressed up Jesus that they were saying that Jesus is discriminating agains't Bramha, or Allah, only keeping in mind the Jews and Chritains.
I mean, all these are just plain absurd, and if you look at the Prince Harry incident, so was that. As it is, today's world of liberalizaion and freedom, we can say and do what we want without bringing up socail stigmas, and without trying to blame anyone for something that had happened so long ago. I'm quite surprised that the Americans didn't say anything... maybe their lack of IQ prevents them from saying anthing worth listening to.
What right does the German government have banning another cultures symbol? Just because it was adopted and manipulated to strike fear in peoples hearts, doen't mean it does not have its original relevance. It is like banning the Turban and scarves of Sikhs and Muslims. It's a part of their culture. Tomorrow if everyIndian in Europe has a pooja with the Swastika adorning their houses, will the British, German, French, Spanish and Portugese Secret Service investigate the houses, and abduct these people because of their alleged connection - however far fetched - to the Nazis? What absolute Balderdash. The problem is that people want attention. They want everyone to turn their way and give them lots and lots of attention. If I say anything about Nazis, Sneha and Arjun will stick up for what they believe, because they know someone who's grandparents fought in those times. I mean no offense to them, or to the third person, but if you could just forget it, it would make life so much more liveable. Imagine everytime sameone says 'Swastika' a Jew breaks down or starts cursing everone thats german, or for that matter, everyone thats not Jewish? I think thats just plain stupid. Its dumb and thoughtless that people will hold grudges that are 50 years old, and take offense for something that has been halted, and duly apologised for? What the F*CK IS WITH THIS STUPID HUMAN RACE???

Monday, January 17, 2005


Lately, I've been assessing most of my actions after I do them, and sometimes, on specific topics, my thoughts. I keep wondering if I'm doing something to please someone, or to try and put forward an image thtas not me, or if its something genuine. I really can't decide between whats real an genuine, and whats pseudo. Or maybe I just don't want to. Chances are that I don't want to own up to these secrets that I have, that I'm sure are harmless, but that I'm afraid o tell anyone anyways.
Sometimes when I look back, another rather interesting question pops into my mind. On assessing an action/thought that, as far as I knew was not me, it struck me that in my effort to project something that I was not, maybe, just maybe, I had adapted to that particular action, and it came so much more freely to me now... that it had become a part of me now, that it was not after all, pseudo.
There are many instances of such introspection. The most common would, of course, be the way one feels about someone else. Take, for example, a loved one, like a close friend. When they are somewhere else, but still in communication with you, 'formalities'(for lack of a better word) are exchanged. Things like,"I miss you". It is said without giving it a second thought. But think again, and more often than not, you'll realise that you were doing perfectly fine before, during and after that call, not in the least bothered by the fact that that person was so far away at that poin of time.
Another analysis of feelings would be when you say you love someone. Now I'm sure that this one is gonna be hotly contested, but I believe that before you do actually love someone for who they are, you 'love' them for some physical/material(? again, I'm not too sure I got the right word) reason. You want to be with that someone so that you can show off - or just be proud of the fact - that you got someone with that quality that no one else did. Sure, as you grow older, more perspectives filter the reasoning and choices of love - not to mention everthing else - that you encounter. Bt until then, you are still evolving, so to speak.
When you look inside(or even just below the surface, depending on how shallow you are) you will - no, might - realise that you could 'love' someone because no one else seems to want to be with you, and as you get more and more desperate for that attention, you turn to people who (probably) have some sort of inkling of the same feeling for you - or worse, in your desperation, you turn to those that don't. (Hey, this is not specifically pointed at anyone, its just a generalizaion of my analysis. Its a very small analysis, I admit, so there are bound to be many more variables and factors contributing, but as far as I have reached, these seem to be it...)
Another analysis of thought and action is something that everyone seems to do, but you can't. At least not well.But over time, depending on your deire to master it, it becomes a part of you, if even slightly. Take, for example, dancing. I have a friend (not to be named for reasons of privacy and to be saved some embarassment) wh was really conscius of himself. All he wanted to do was dance, but he was just rythmically impaired. Its not like it was his fault - all his moves were jerky, forced, and unsure. People never said anything to him as they didn't want to hurt his feelings, but he knew anyway. For years he'd just dance to be a part of the music, because he was really deeply into the music itself, and over-time, he became less 'impaired'. He could dance, at least a few twists, turns, slides and waves, with much more ease, comfort and confidence. None-the-less, whenever he did it, he became conscious, and would think,"Look at me, I'm trying this to be cool. This is not who I am. I can't dance." Until one day he realised that it WASN"T who he WAS, it was what he had BECOME. He had grown into it, and now it was no longer a pseudo action, no longer forced, unless he thought o it that way.

It's extremely interesting to do this introspection, especially about small, seemingly insignifican thoughts that you'd not give a second glance otherwise. Especially if you're in the middle of an extremely boring Chemistry class, and are caught up thinking about what you'll be, and who you'll be.
Tell me what you guys come up with.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Santa Is Evil

Santa is an evil man
An evil chap with an evil plan;
He has an evil house, an evil dog
Some evil food for his evil hog.
Evil fire, evil toast
And even an evil evil ghost!
And evil daughter, an evil son,
Not to mention an evil nun!

His evil instincts force him to flick
Presents first from the dyslexic
And the evil older kids
Because his evil budget forbids
Him from making toys every evil year
So he shifts into evil gear
And recycles most evilly
The gifts he gave to you and me.

He takes them back,
He fixes them through,
And adds some nasty, evil flu
To each evil present he packs
To give all the Henrys, Jills, and Jacks.

So if you see your old evil doll
With your kid sis(who just learned to crawl)
Or your old evil toy
With some other, evil boy
Who lives in some other place
From another land, another race,
You'll know just who caused this stint
When Christmas came, but presents didn't.

- Aveek Katiyar (27 Oct '04)

Just on the topic of a bad Christmas and no presents and all... thought I'd post this. :-D.
What do you guys think...?!

My Beanie!!

I lost my Beanie today :-( I miss it so much already... I've already just lost my wallet, and now this goes and happens. I hate myself. I,lose all the things I love so much.
BLAICH to me!!!
Some stupid fart-ass auto-driver came ten seconds before I got back to the site and flicked it. Some motorist guy told me that he saw him take it. Stupid moron couldn't have stopped him or taken the number or something...? *ss-H*le.
And it was such an old and good-looking Beanie. I miss it so much!!!
NNNOOOOO!!!! Don't leave me, PRRECIOUSSSS!!!! Why have you gone, never to return? Alas, woe is me! I shall mournt both You and Wallet together now. May God(assuming he exists - though lets not get into that now) rest your(Wallet's) soft leather and may You squeeze the head of that arse-hole rick driver till his brain juices flow out from his nose. Just make sure that You don't get soiled, and that You get back home to me. I'll be waiting for both of you.

(Yes, for those of you who don't already know, I am totally batty.)

Sunday, January 09, 2005


Man, is it just me, or is everything I post up for the title of 'Condemned'??
Either that, or everyone has their own P.O.V.s that they wanna put forward. Still, it's beginning to loook a little nasty, isn't it? All I (seem to be able to) blog about goes under the microscope. Not that it's a bad thing, it's just that this place seems to be becoming a public venting session hall. Of course, it IS public, but yeah, still. I'm not saying don't or anything, I'm just observing the, uh, developments that are occuring. It's actually rather fun to take part in these discussions. I just hope I'm not causing too much of a str anywhere. I'm sure that Sneha and Arjun got somehing more to say to me thatn they are already. Oh boy. What a ride I seem to be in for.

I gotta post bout something else. Like kittens. Or doorknobs.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Tidal Wave

OK, I know you think I caught on a little late on this one, but that’s not true - I just didn't have enough time (or patience) to write a post. And I know that you guys are gonna think that writing what I'm writing is so totally clich├ęd - and it probably is - but I don't care. Heck, this is MY blog and I'm gonna write what I please, so there.

(Sorry, I have no clue what just made me type that...)

Its strange - no, sad, that it takes us nothing short of death, or severe loss to make us realise what we truly cherish, and what we take for granted that we shouldn't. Things that we consciously ignore, things that we miss in the mindless hustle-bustle of our everyday lives. Things we should tell people that we don't, places we want to visit that we don't, things we want to do, but postpone for 'later'.
Its disheartening that nations say so much about 'public security' and 'concern' for the peoples of other nations, and yet let these things happen without doing a thing about it. Only after the bomb has exploded, only after the quake has eaten its share of the crust, only after the fire has engulfed to its limit, only after the wave has swept away all it can does anyone and everyone re-act. Only after the waters have calmed, so-to-speak, will people venture to 'save' the less fortunate others. So much for the age of 'information' and 'global security' and 'GPS detection' and other 'warning' systems. The Wave came, say, and pillaged all. Thank you Indonesia for informing us. Thank you Malaysia, for telling us so early. Thank you USA for your advanced computer detection systems that warned us of such an unfathomable occurrence. Thank you India, for actually acting on the information. Why the *&^% can't anyone have fail-safes?!
What the hell were you stupid fart politicians and 'leaders' doing huh? Did you feel the tremors in your 35-lakh Benz? Did you hear the cries of everyone who lost anything and everything in your 10-crore soundproof mansion? And when you did (on your 4-lakh plasma TV), did you do anything? Were you even dimly aware of the extent of damage - both physical as well as psychological - that had been caused? Did you contribute anything? Did you Visit the affected areas and PERSONALLY try and help out? Or were you too high for a lowly job like that? Did you chip in any more than the interests of one month of your bank accounts that you'd never really miss anyway? I don't recall it... sure, there are exceptions... but are you one of them? So much for your 'I will make a difference' speeches, huh? I bet you don't even know where the affected places are. As long as you're safe it’s all right, huh?

Right, sorry... I just wanted to get that off by chest. Pardon me for my poor literary skills - I just couldn't be 'WordyMcWord' as someone put it ;-). If it doesn't make sense to you, I think its cool - it didn't make sense to me either... just needed to get it out.

I can't cope with loss.
I gotta learn to ride the Wave.