Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Things That I write on the Back of Letters To My Friend Ragini

After our brief meeting I guess you know
I grew quite fond of you
And somehow I get the feeling that
You grew fond of me too.

Our time was short - nay, it was nil
Yet we till kept in touch
You brought me quite some joy
So thank you very much!

But fate, it seemed, had other plans
for both you and me
And tore apart our little bond
Into Infinity.

But I, for one, do not believe
In fate or destiny
Or maybe I guess I just
Enjoyed your company!

So here I am in the mountains now
Writing you this ode
And I guess I'll just deliver it
To your comfy abode.

I do hope that you read
This little rhyme I wrote
Cause otherwise my effort could always go
Into feeding a mountain goat.

I also hope that just like me
You really feel the same
Or even if you'd not forget
Me or my name.

Speaking of which, I have to ask
In Delhi, what to do?
Cause later on I might come back
For maybe day or two.

I think its time to stop
Writing or I'll go on forever
Talking to you in inane were
That isn't very clever.

- Aveek Katiyar 25 Oct '05

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

It's finally here!!

Hey everybody! This is the third time that I am writing this, because the first two times I was either too lazy to finish writing this, or the computer lost its power before I could complete this. This, however, is going to be my last and final attempt to write my blog. Not that this is going too well, cause I’m bloody high right now, so… hehe… just kidding, dad!
Anyways, thee thing with this place is that one has got to be able to balance his life and his academics rather precisely, so as to actually do well in these quizzes that Arno (my physics teacher from the Netherlands) gives us from time to time. Now, I have been slacking away all of my time, and nothing much seems to have happened to me. It’s a bit strange, actually. Not that I am complaining. The thing is, I now have so much free time and have absolutely no idea what to do with it. I haunt Wada 4, house 9 and 11. Which has led people to the conclusion that I have a teensy weensy crush on someone in the house. Not to say that it isn’t true, but that’s not the real reason that I’m in that house. I really like the people there, and I like to spend time with ALL of them, not just that One.
But now that that issue has been solved, lets move on.
I am sitting next to the hottest girl on campus and writing this particular paragraph. Which implies that I am on a laptop – "What laptop?" You ask? Well, it’s an iBook G4!!! That’s what it is!! Yeah!! Now there’s this insane problem that I have (yes, this is a blog entry mainly about problems and how I deal with them – or don’t.) – is that i know way too many people here, and it’s just that I don’t seem to have enough close friends here. Actually I do, but I don’t feel entirely secure about this stuff. Thing is, if Annabelle stops being so close to me anytime, I feel that I will be a bit hit. I have become rather attached to that girl. She is an absolutely wonderful person, is always there to talk to, and I always feel easy and calm around her. Also Chris, who I am planning to room with next year.
Another thing that I have to do is mail my parents and my sister, who have been missing me! For real!! This is soooooo cool! I never thought that was possible… hehe… however, I am way too lazy to haul my ass from my Wada to the AQ and to sit there and write a mail to the three of them, so… so guess that this blog will have to do.
Mum, dad, Mithila, if you guys come across this, consider this your letter:
Hey guys!! Wassup?? Things here are going great, as usual. I am actually managing to manage (haha!! Sorry, I just thought that was funny…) my time here. And hence, things are actually going more smoothly again. I have stopped bunking my classes, and have found that my time table is pretty cool after all, and have made peace with getting up at 7:00 four times a week and hauling my as to the 1st block I have. Of all the subjects, I think that Spanish is the coolest, followed by psych and then Physics (yeas, you heard that right, I LOVE PHYSICS!!!!!). The thing with the physics class is that I have got the coolest teacher that there is, and the class is pretty much a self-taught class. He goes too fast for anyone to figure out what the hell is going on, but he heaps us with homework, and if you do it (which I have never quite managed just yet) you will be able to solve all the problems that he gives you. However, I still get away with everything I do over there. It kinda reminds me of the class with Mrs. Benjamin, where I’d walk in and diss Arjun for the entire class. Here I walk in ten minutes late, sit down in the middle of an important explanation, and say, “Hi Arno!” loudly. And what does he respond with? He looks at me, puts the marker down, bursts into a little chuckle and says, “Hello, Aveek…” and then proceeds to explain the problem as if nothing happened. Then, I ask for my quiz, and it turns out that I beat Rohan (who is the class genius) again, and he was really bitter about it. So he rechecks my marks, and turns out that Arno has given me a mark too many. So just to piss Rohan off 9 (and to see what my luck is like) I told Arno that I had one mark less than he’d given me, and so, for being so honest, could I have one mark more? And HE GAVE IT TO ME!!!!!!! And that pissed Rohan off even more!! For the rest of the class he was cursing me under his breath. And hen I started drawing cars, and I did nothing for the rest off class, and had so much fun, and Arno had no problem with me what so ever!! Hah!! So awesome!!
Well, that’s it for the time being – I’m in my English class, and I have some work to do right now, so… I’ll catch you guys in a bit. And I promise to finish the rest of this the next time ‘round…